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  • "Everything you must know to inspect a home."
  • Amazon Top 50 Book Reviewer: Harold McFarland from Florida

Home Inspection Business from A to Z -  This is a truly eye-opening book that I would not be without the next time I consider purchasing a new home. "The Home Inspection Business from A to Z" provides detailed information on what to look for and just how serious various problems might be. Filled with copious illustrations and photographs it is easy to see exactly the problems the author is discussing. The coverage is extensive enough to start you in the business of home inspections and Mr. Cozzi goes through the details of what is necessary to begin such a venture. Areas discussed include heating systems, air conditioning systems, water heaters, foundations, plumbing, septic, electrical systems, roofs, walls, decks, flooring, and just about anything else you can think of. Before reading the book I had no idea the number of potentially serious problems that can be easily discovered with a minimal inspection and some basic knowledge. This is a highly recommended book for anyone looking to purchase a new home, considering purchasing a home for investment purposes, or looking to start a new business.


  • "Appraisal Know-How."
  • Reviewer/Author: Denise's Pieces Book Reviews

Real Estate Appraisal from A to ZReal estate appraisers are in demand these days, and get paid hundreds of dollars for their services. The best thing about becoming an appraiser is that you don't need a Master's Degree or any special schooling to become one. What you do need, however, is knowledge. In his extensively researched and illustrated Real Estate Appraisal from A to Z, author Cozzi sets out to give anyone interested in moving into this quickly growing field the tools he or she will need, not only to do the job, but to do it right. Mr. Cozzi starts with the very basics. For instance, the purpose, benefits and explanation of what an appraiser is, what he does and how to become a certified appraiser. From there, he guides the reader step by step through what appraisers look for when inspecting homes, both their exteriors and interiors. He explains how to determine home values of not only single-family dwelling homes, but condominiums as well. But Mr. Cozzi doesn't stop there. In basic, easily understood terms, he explains such topics as depreciation, the different types of home mortgages and appraisal accounts, such as, original home loan and refinance loan appraisals and foreclosure appraisals. Real Estate Appraising from A to Z is just what the title implies. Mr. Cozzi's ability to instruct without 'talking down' to his audience is a plus and a rare treat - even for those who know absolutely nothing about the 'appraisal' business. Homeowners would do well to have a copy of this book on hand before obtaining an appraisal, and use Cozzi's inspection guidelines within the actual appraising section of the book to obtain the most favorable value for their homes. Mr. Cozzi's easy to read, friendly writing style offers expert and timely advice and instruction for both homeowners and aspiring appraisers. If you want to work for yourself, earn extra money, or increase the value of your home, this edition is a definite must.



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