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  • "Everything you must know to inspect a home."
  • Amazon Top 50 Book Reviewer: Harold McFarland from Florida

Home Inspection Business from A to Z -  This is a truly eye-opening book that I would not be without the next time I consider purchasing a new home. "The Home Inspection Business from A to Z" provides detailed information on what to look for and just how serious various problems might be. Filled with copious illustrations and photographs it is easy to see exactly the problems the author is discussing. The coverage is extensive enough to start you in the business of home inspections and Mr. Cozzi goes through the details of what is necessary to begin such a venture. Areas discussed include heating systems, air conditioning systems, water heaters, foundations, plumbing, septic, electrical systems, roofs, walls, decks, flooring, and just about anything else you can think of. Before reading the book I had no idea the number of potentially serious problems that can be easily discovered with a minimal inspection and some basic knowledge. This is a highly recommended book for anyone looking to purchase a new home, considering purchasing a home for investment purposes, or looking to start a new business.


  • "Appraisal Know-How."
  • Reviewer/Author: Denise's Pieces Book Reviews

Real Estate Appraisal from A to ZReal estate appraisers are in demand these days, and get paid hundreds of dollars for their services. The best thing about becoming an appraiser is that you don't need a Master's Degree or any special schooling to become one. What you do need, however, is knowledge. In his extensively researched and illustrated Real Estate Appraisal from A to Z, author Cozzi sets out to give anyone interested in moving into this quickly growing field the tools he or she will need, not only to do the job, but to do it right. Mr. Cozzi starts with the very basics. For instance, the purpose, benefits and explanation of what an appraiser is, what he does and how to become a certified appraiser. From there, he guides the reader step by step through what appraisers look for when inspecting homes, both their exteriors and interiors. He explains how to determine home values of not only single-family dwelling homes, but condominiums as well. But Mr. Cozzi doesn't stop there. In basic, easily understood terms, he explains such topics as depreciation, the different types of home mortgages and appraisal accounts, such as, original home loan and refinance loan appraisals and foreclosure appraisals. Real Estate Appraising from A to Z is just what the title implies. Mr. Cozzi's ability to instruct without 'talking down' to his audience is a plus and a rare treat - even for those who know absolutely nothing about the 'appraisal' business. Homeowners would do well to have a copy of this book on hand before obtaining an appraisal, and use Cozzi's inspection guidelines within the actual appraising section of the book to obtain the most favorable value for their homes. Mr. Cozzi's easy to read, friendly writing style offers expert and timely advice and instruction for both homeowners and aspiring appraisers. If you want to work for yourself, earn extra money, or increase the value of your home, this edition is a definite must.




 Thanks for your fast response. I truly appreciate it. The book is excellent. I have already purchased your two other A to Z books, namely Home Inspection Business and Real Estate Appraisal. They were extremely helpful. The only one of its kind available.Thanks,

Anthony S.


I have positive feedback for your book I ordered. I ordered other Appraisal books, however after going through all of them, I see now I would have been more than fine with just yours! It is an excellent book in every way and I am so glad it was available. I have your website listed as a favorite on my computer for resources I will need in my future. I plan on becoming a Real Estate Appraiser. Thanks for your help. Sincerely,

Debbie N.


And by the way, your products are a great help in my education. Your DVDs have been a great help in letting me get a visual representation of home inspection topics. It's been a great help.

Benny B.


  • "Learn the flaws to look for in a home."
  • Amazon Top 50 Book Reviewer: Charles Ashbacher from Iowa

Home Inspection Business from A to Z  -  The primary purpose of this book is to help you become an effective inspector of homes, but the audience is much broader than that. If you own a home or are thinking about buying one, then you should read it. It will help you develop that critical, discerning eye concerning what to look for in spotting flaws in a house. I spent almost eight years as a construction worker, six where I was the foreman, and have performed many repairs to my own homes. And yet, there was much in the book that I was unaware of. It was a learning experience for me, and it will be for you. Unless you find the perfect house or are already an expert, buying this book and reading it will be time and money that will be returned many times over.


  • "Highly recommended book for real estate appraisers. I simply love it!"
  • Jennie S. Bev, the managing editor of BookReviewClub.com

Real Estate Appraisal from A to Z - Guy Cozzi is your guy, if you're serious about becoming a real estate appraiser. I cannot recommend this book more. I simply love it. This book teaches more than the techniques of appraising a property. More importantly, it teaches how to price, promote and insider tips and tricks, such as what to do in circumstances in which your work ethics are being tested and handling complaints. The forms are also extremely useful for those who have just started in this lucrative business. The author's humorous approach is also reflected in this book. He is not only a good teacher, but also possesses a very good funny bone. He enlightens his readers about the hidden problems of a property without making them sleepy. His technical chapters flow effortlessly and are sprinkled with jokes. If you need to purchase only one book about the real estate appraising business, be it this one.



 Real Estate Investors Journal

"...Real Estate from A to Z series is by far the most in-depth resource for every investor, beginner to expert."


Real Estate Press

"...the Real Estate from A to Z books and videos are the best we've ever seen."


Seminar Progress Report

"...top-notch real estate investors, inspectors and appraisers agree the Real Estate from A to Z series is a great value."


  • "This book is a fact-rich smart buy."
  • Reviewer/Author: Barbara Scott, Book Review Club

Home Inspection Business from A to Z  -  This book has me brooding about problems in my septic field. I now realize that despite my best hopes and my incredibly finely-honed ability to put off thinking about unpleasant problems that may cost large amounts of money, the green gooey leak in the backyard isn't going to just go away. On the other hand, looking at the stark photos in this book of other people's mistakes - ivy covered electric meters, floor separating from baseboard, holes in ceilings from long-term leaks - I guess I feel a little better. This is a book for pros or wannabe-pro home inspectors, but it could serve as a good guide for any homeowner trying to get a house ready for sale. Home inspection is becoming mandatory or at least highly recommended in my area and probably in yours, too, and it just makes sense to know what you're up against. Contrariwise, if you're buying, you need to know what the potential hazards are - like that pesky little fountain of sewage in my back yard - before you buy and it's too late to sue. The book is the brainchild of Guy Cozzi, who has other similar how-to volumes in print. He knows his subject, inside and out. Full of photos illustrating the kinds of horrors you might encounter as you search for your dream home, especially if you're hoping to save some bucks on a fixer-upper, this book is a useful manual of operations. It's clear, well-organized and not without humor (though I'm still not smiling about that septic sludge). Cozzi is a self-starter and deserves a pat on the back for making his own publishing dreams a reality, bringing him a success in at least two careers. This book is an unabashed self-promotional organ as well as a fact-rich smart buy.


  • "He's an expert! You and I can learn from Guy Cozzi."
  • Reviewer/Author: Barbara Scott, Book Review Club

Real Estate Appraisal from A to Z  Guy Cozzi writes books about houses like yours and mine. His job, besides teaching people how to appraise houses, is appraising them himself. He's an expert. You and I can learn from Guy Cozzi, even if our goal is not to appraise houses, but just to understand the machine we live in. Cozzi's books are illustrated with black and white photos that look like they were smuggled out of the former Soviet Union by house appraisal spies at the height of the Cold War (detailed photos with arrows identifying problem conditions). I was sadly reminded of my guest room as I surveyed a photo of an overloaded electrical outlet bursting with wires that looked like spaghetti. But I took some comfort from the tree trunk for the basement foundation photo -- at least my main beams are not supported by a tree trunk, but by, as Cozzi obviously recommends, a "solid, metal support post." Cozzi suggests jumping vigorously to make sure floors are sound and spot-checking appliances by turning them briefly on -- "just remember to turn them off when you're done -- except for the refrigerator!" This is simple, practical advice. No flowery prose. Just the facts. Cozzi explains: "Every single thing I mention in this book is from actual experiences that I have personally encountered or that I have friends in this business encounter them." Sincere. Pointed. You won't be reading Cozzi for entertainment. But you'll get "every single thing" you need to know about appraising, inspecting and improving your home. Including the pitfall of over-improving. Cozzi knows his stuff regarding finances, too. An appraiser never advises a homeowner or buyer about bank loans. But should you and I need financial advice, it's here in stark black and white. Be warned - if you get paranoid just thinking about radon gas, asbestos, improperly covered wells and creosote damage, Cozzi will not comfort you. He's been in the trenches of home inspection and appraisal and it's not funny. It's a world where grown men fall through ceilings, and an honest comment about wood eating worms can earn you a call from somebody's lawyer. If you are, in fact, thinking of taking up a career or sideline job as a real estate appraiser, I assure you Cozzi is right there with you every step of the way from basement crawlspace to attic and "asbestos heaven." He'll help you design business cards, supply you with sample forms, run through the cost and income approaches to estimating values, depreciation, et al. Nemmar Real Estate Training and Cozzi keep making money with their series on home inspection and appraisal, and if I were seriously thinking of buying or selling, especially an older house, I'd pick up one or more of their books for the straight poop. If you're a buyer, it will show you how to think like a seller, and vice versa. And there's nothing wrong with that.



 ...I bought your book so I could educate myself on what to look for when I was considering buying a property. It's a great book! Thank you so much for giving me your advice. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. I've had personal experience of the pitfalls that you talk about in your books.When I bought my current house many years ago I had a bad experience with an appraiser I used that was recommended to me by my real estate agent. I later had tens of thousands of dollars in repairs that I would have known about if I'd had the right appraiser on my side. Thank you again! Regards,

Carrie R.


...the DVDs have been very good and we have gained good knowledge. It has helped us discover serious issues with some of the houses we have seen and have considered buying. Thanks,

Nilesh P.


...As for the books, I am loving them! They are so full of info and so easy to read and understand. I like the way you wrote the books (easy-to-understand explanations), and I have been sharing info with my close friends too! I have no regrets purchasing these books and am really enjoying learning from your products! Keep up with the fantastic books and let me know whenever you come out with any new products! I told people since I've started reading the books that they should read them too.

Patti C.


  • "Knocks it out of the box!"
  • Amazon Top 50 Book Reviewer: Mister Maxx from USA

Home Inspection Business from A to Z  -  Guy Cozzi knocks it out of the box with this very informative book on what to do and look for when buying a house. He covers everything that must be on target when you want your house in top condition. I had the pleasure of reading this book and I was moved by the details discussed. Everything was said in a way that anyone could relate to. It’s a very classy and well done book with all of the details and helpful tips you must have when buying, selling, maintaining, or renovating a home.


  • "Appraiser and Home Inspector Dream Books for beginners or experts!"
  • Author/Reviewer: C. Robbinson from New York

Real Estate Appraisal from A to Z and Home Inspection Business from A to Z  -  We have one of the busiest appraisal and home inspection companies in our area. We exclusively work for mortgage lenders and banks who are very picky about getting high quality reports and evaluations. We have been using this "A to Z" appraisal book and the "A to Z" inspection book for years as MANDATORY reading for all of our appraisers and home inspectors when we hire and train them. They're the simplest to understand and the most thorough books covering all necessary topics that we have found on the market. These books will tell you the realities of evaluating real estate without giving you a bunch of fluff - that's why we like them so much. Our appraisers and inspectors get years of expertise and knowledge in one book without having to make the mistakes they would if they had to learn from their own experiences. It saves us a lot of time in getting our employees up to speed doing professional reports and evaluations for our banking clients. We can't afford to send our clients poor quality reports since there's a lot of competition in our business. These books keep us at the top of our game and keep our clients happy. That's profitable for both us and the banks and mortgage lenders that are our clients.



 New Home Construction Journal

“...the best selling reference books available for home builders and buyers and cover every topic from A to Z.”


Home-Based Business Monthly

"If you're looking to become a knowledgeable home inspector or appraiser, Real Estate from A to Z series is crucial."


  • "A thorough exposition of how to appraise real estate."
  • Amazon Top 50 Book Reviewer: Harold McFarland from Florida

Real Estate Appraisal from A to Z  -  delivers up exactly what it promises - a thorough, understandable course on appraising. The author discusses appraisals as a business and how to get into the appraisal business, but it is much more that just that. If you are looking at purchasing property for investing. If you are looking at purchasing a new home, wanting to know the value of vacant property, etc. this is an excellent book. It covers all the bases when valuing a property. Some of the subjects discussed include community factors, market influences, potential hidden problems and how to find them, building inspection, the cost approach to valuation, the income approach to valuation, and writing a report. Given the thorough coverage and easy to understand writing style, this book is a highly recommended purchase for anyone who might be interested in appraisals (either doing them or understanding someone else's), or investing in real estate.


  • "Home Inspector Know-How."
  • Reviewer/Author: Denise's Pieces Book Reviews

Home Inspection Business from A to Z  -  Home inspectors are here to stay, and their services are not only needed, but are also desired in today's fluctuating economy. Home inspectors check out a home before purchase by prospective buyers to help determine the existing conditions of a home - they can also tell the prospective home buyer what repairs and upgrades might be needed. These problem spotters, and solvers, earn hundreds of dollars for their expertise, and can help save potential homebuyers thousands of dollars on repairs and upgrades. A home inspector performs a visual home inspection - he identifies potential problems in a wealth of areas. He can spot trouble in septic and well water systems, and with gas and water connections, among dozens of others, including heating, air conditioning, and electrical and plumbing systems. Author Cozzi, in a step-by-step, vastly illustrated guide shows the reader, homeowner, or potential home inspector, exactly what to look for, both on the exterior of a home and its interior. He shows the prospective inspector how to properly fill out reports, how to handle clients, and how to maintain accurate reports and records. Using his vast knowledge and experience, Mr. Cozzi has the uncanny ability to take what is thought to be a convoluted process and simplify it with his easy writing style, one which entertains as it instructs, which with most 'how-to' books, is no easy feat. His narrative is extremely reader-friendly and amazingly informative at the same time, guiding the reader along on a discourse of everything that is expected of a home inspector. Mr. Cozzi has appeared in local and national newspapers, offering real estate advice. And it's easy to see why. He's the expert. This book should be required reading for every home owner.



 After reading HIB from A to Z, I believe there is no better tool for the business. I have been in the construction industry for almost 30 years in residential and commercial from coast to coast. Been studying for the past year to become a Home Inspector and this book nailed it. I look forward to your newer version of HIB. Excellent job! Thanks, I feel confident that I will succeed in this profession now.

Tim L.


...Thank you. Actually, I will also order your Real Estate Appraisal book. I like the way you write and explain things.I've been a real estate agent for a while now, and always want to learn more.

Bill J.


I found that this book will be helpful for the practice I will be conducting for customers and people I will assist in their renovation projects. The A to Z book as well as the Home Inspection Checklist book should put me on the road to a successful business. It provides me with information I would have overlooked when conducting inspections and information that I did not know. I have been remodeling homes for 25 years and still don't know everything. Thank you,

Karl D.


  • "I would recommended this book to everyone."
  • Jennie S. Bev, the managing editor of BookReviewClub.com

Home Inspection Business from A to Z  I didn’t know the differences between a real estate appraiser and a home inspector until I read this book. This comprehensive guidebook contains insider tips and tricks that only an experienced master could explain. This book is an eye-opener, indeed. One doesn’t need to be a home inspector or a home inspector wannabe to enjoy the inspecting techniques and examples. Just by reading it from cover to cover, readers would be able to grasp the techniques and skills needed in inspecting your own property for your own benefit. I would recommend this book to everyone who needs to learn more about inspecting a property for their own benefit or for business. The hard-to-find information, forms and insider tips are more than enlightening. They are precious!


  • "Everything you need to know from top to bottom, and then some."
  • Reviewer: Rebecca Brown, Rebecca Reads Book Reviews

Real Estate Appraisal from A to Z  -  Everything you need to know about Real Estate from Asbestos to Zoning. Want to save thousands of dollars when you buy, sell, or renovate your home? Do you know that professional appraisers can make $300 per appraisal, and many of them appraise two houses a day? If you're in the market for buying or selling your home, why not know what the professionals know, and if you've a mind to, make a new or second career? Real Estate Appraising From A to Z, originally designed to train top-notch professional appraisers, is an easy book to read, offering insights & tools to assist you with the biggest investment of your life ...and career. I haven't looked at my home, or anyone else's with the same eyes! Don't let getting your dream house become a nightmare. Here is everything you need to know about appraising from bottom to top and then some. Written by Guy Cozzi, a licensed appraiser, home inspector, investor and consultant, who has been quoted as a real estate expert by such lights as The New York Times. He has been a guest speaker on real estate investment TV shows for years, and has taught thousands of people how to appraise, inspect and invest in real estate. He also provides advice to many banks and mortgage lenders. In Real Estate Appraising From A to Z you'll learn what your Realtor doesn't want you to know, without the sugar coat. You'll learn how to earn and save money, and eliminate safety hazards. You get information the professionals use to make you an educated consumer enabling you to negotiate a much better price, and even make a career in one of the hottest markets today. So, if getting a home or learning a new way to earn your keep is important to you, then Real Estate Appraising From A to Z is a great place to start.



 ...I have just bought your two books, Home Inspection Business and Real Estate Appraisal From A to Z.  I am enjoying both books, and like the examples and humor you have in them! Thanks,

Roger S.
Coldwell Banker


I am very determined to get into the real estate appraisal industry and have recently purchased "Real Estate Appraisal from A-Z." I thought the book was great because it provides a description of the process necessary to actually conduct an appraisal. Other appraisal books tend to be dry and focus on theory and terminology. This book was by far a very interesting read compared to other appraisal textbooks.

Andrew S.


...You're clearly one of the very best people in the appraisal education industry. Your work in this area is a true service to the industry.

Todd F.


  • "You'll learn how to save thousands of dollars!"
  • Reviewer: Rebecca Brown, Rebecca Reads Book Reviews

Home Inspection Business from A to Z  -  Every aspect of home inspections is covered with photographs and descriptions. Do you really know the true condition of your home? Don't let your dream house become a nightmare. Everything you need to know about looking at the flaws in your home from bottom to top, and then some, is in here including safety concerns. Eliminate safety hazards to make your home safe for you and your family. Help prevent accidents before they happen. Learn how to identify lethal carbon monoxide problems, unsafe electrical wiring, lead poisoning hazards, asbestos and radon health concerns, explosive gas leaks, oil tanks, termites, and so much more. Written by Guy Cozzi, a licensed appraiser, home inspector, investor and consultant, this top selling author has been quoted as a real estate expert by such lights as The New York Times. He has been a guest speaker on real estate investment TV shows for years, and has taught thousands of people how to inspect, appraise and invest in real estate. He also provides advice to many banks and mortgage lenders. In Home Inspection Business From A to Z you'll learn everything your Realtor doesn't want you to know, without the sugar coat. You'll learn how to catch the problem conditions in any house, so you can close the deal without losing money. It will also teach you how to prevent the pitfalls many people encounter. You get information the professionals use to make you an educated consumer enabling you to negotiate a much better price on the purchase, renovation or sale of your home. Home Inspection Business From A to Z, originally designed to train top-notch professional home inspectors, is now available at a price affordable to everyone. All homes need to be inspected and you'll learn how to save thousands of dollars with the biggest investment of your life. It also offers you a new or second career. I haven't looked at my home, or anyone else's with the same eyes! So, if getting to know your home is important to you, then Home Inspection Business From A to Z is a great place to start.



 ...Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. By the way this book is AWESOME.

Asif A.


...I received the book in excellent condition. I gave it a rating of 5 stars. The book is very valuable and informational. Thank you for your wonderful services. Best regards,

Scott J.


...Your DVDs were excellent! Thank you,

Michael P.


...I purchased your DVD “Home Inspection from A to Z”. This is an excellent DVD.Thank you,

Kevin G.


Thanks for the great Appraisal book. I'm enjoying the book and have recommended it to two other trainee's that I know. Thanks,

Benji S.


...The DVDs are greatand I will probably buy more products from you. Thanks,

Marilou M.


I just ordered your Interior and Exterior Inspection DVD and can't wait to get it! I have watched the Operating Systems DVD half a dozen times and I love it. After viewing your DVD I have decided to enter the field of Home Inspection. Thanks for your help and for taking the time to make the DVDs.

Ben N.


...I read the book on Real Estate Appraisal from A to Z . I really like it. It really gets to the point and concise.

Darren H.


Your book has helped me a lot to understand what the Home Inspection Business is all about.I'm going to keep on studying this book and probably in the near future purchase the DVD. By the way, thanks for all the tips. Take Care.

Porfirio P.


I recently purchased two of your books on home inspection. I appreciate your time and input and we are enjoying your inspection books, especially the honest, real life parts and the details on checklists! Thanks much and have a great day!



...I enjoyed the DVD a lot, and will buy more of your products. Thanks,

Ron O.


I want to thank you for your quick shipment of my order. We purchased our first copy of Home Inspection Business From A to Z. My husband & I are studying your book to prepare us to take the 90hrs of classroom classes needed in LA to become certified house inspectors. We want to be the best we can be. You did a fantastic job writing, editing, & publishing the book yourself. Thank you,

Cassandra A.


The product was awesome. I look forward to getting more from you quys. Thank you,

Christian M.


I’m a real estate investor who has several of your fine products in my library.

Ted G.


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Enrique L.


I just wanted you to know that your book is VERY helpful for a new home inspector. Thanks for all the good advice.

Gary F.


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David V.


I bought and watched the Home Inspection From A to Z  DVD. Thanks for a great video!

Benjamin N.


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Boris A.


I purchased your DVD Home Inspection From A to Z Interior & Exterior and I enjoyed it very much. The DVD was very educational and I look forward to the e-Book. Thank you for your help and your products.

Eric C.


I was very pleased with everything.

John H.


We enjoyed watching your home inspection DVD. Thank you!

George & Sarah K.


I recently ordered both of your A-Z dvd's. I am currently studying to become a home inspector in southern California and have found your videos to be very informative. Thank you,

Robert L.


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Matt S.


It's great doing business with you. Thank you!

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Thank you very much. My order arrived a couple days early and the book is in mint condition!

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