Americans are a highly mobile society. Considering the amount of personal goods and furniture that many are blessed with, moving a household from one place to another efficiently takes both time and planning. When it comes to homeowner association moves, especially mid and high rise buildings, the logistics often involve coordinating with management, neighbors and others to minimize disruption. Here is a sample policy which can be adapted to your use:

Nottacare Condominium
Move-In & Out Policy

In order to minimize disruption to other residents and damage to the facilities, all residents who move in or out of a unit are subject to the following guidelines:

1. Move In/Move Out Fee. To cover wear and tear on the building, general cleaning, management administrative and reprogramming the entry access system costs, a fee of $____ [NOTE: Fee charged should be commensurate with actual cost to the HOA, like $100-$250. This should not be a profit center.] is payable in advance to "Nottacare Condominium" and delivered to the management company at [address].

2. Damage to Facilities. Any damage caused during a move-in or move-out will be charged to the unit owner. Heavy furniture and other objects may not to be placed on the landscaping during the move. All boxes and trash created by the move must be disposed of properly.

3. Scheduling the Move. Notice of move-in/move out must be scheduled a minimum of one week in advance with the management company.

4. Hours Moving is Permitted. Moving in and out must be done between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m only.

5. Moving Vehicle Parking. May only be parked in [describe location] for no more longer than the Hours Moving is Permitted.

6. Use of Elevator. Only the [describe location] elevator may be used for moving furniture and goods. It must have protective panel pads hung by management prior to moving furniture, etc. The other elevator(s) must be left available for others’ use.

7. No Blocking Hallways/Stairwells. No furniture or personal property may be left blocking common hallways or stairwells due to emergency egress considerations.

8. Entry Access System. Must be reprogrammed by the management company to remove your name and personal code if moving out or add your name and personal code if moving in. Your home phone number is required to add your code.

9. Noise. Please be considerate of neighbors and avoid unnecessary noise when moving through the common areas.

Questions? Call the management company at Phone ____________

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