Many homeowner associations have common facilities to share. Some are extensive and some are modest. Some enjoy beautifully appointed clubhouses with pools, exercise equipment, kitchens, big screen TVs, saunas and other amenities just waiting to be enjoyed. They are made possible by each owner contributing a small part of the total cost to support them.

Each HOA that has these assets is challenged to make good use of them. Most distribute keys and lay out the ground rules for use. The facilities get used from time to time but usually sit vacant, quietly becoming obsolete. As years pass, light use doesn’t wear out the carpet, furniture, paint colors, light fixtures and drapes. They just take on that “nightmare from a bygone era” look and get less and less use as time pass. How can the HOA justify updating the place when so few use it?

These common amenities should be a source of pride and a value builder for the owners’ home prices. Instead, outdated facilities cause an embarrassment and home value reduction. May it never be! Protecting, polishing and promoting the HOA facilities serves a number of worthy purposes:

  • Building community. Bring folks together with meetings, Casino Nights, sporting events (water polo?), icebreakers, book and film reviews, dances, potlucks, wine tastings, community sales, cooking classes, craft classes, weddings, reunions and more. The variations are only limited by imagination.
  • Source of Pride. First class amenities swell the chest of the lucky residents.
  • Enhancing Your Investment. Having a value that the competition doesn’t is money in the bank. Like waxing a car, the better it looks, the better it sells.
  • Revenue Enhancement. Members can hold private parties and functions that meld well with conveniently located facilities. The HOA can charge a usage fee to supplement homeowner fee revenue.

    Taking full advantage of your facilities takes a plan. It’s the perfect opportunity for a Facilities Management or Social Committee to plan events throughout the year and promote rentals by members. The same committee can do inspections to ensure the facility is kept clean and in good repair.

    Take advantage of the facilities at your disposal and watch neighbors become friends, home values grow and greater harmony in the community. This opportunity is simply too good to pass up!

    For a sample Facility Reservation Form, “Forms”.

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