Real estate themes in the new season of "The Apprentice" are really hitting home this time around.

Given the source of much of his wealth and power, the show's host, real estate magnate Donald Trump, always puts realty aspects front and center during the competition among hopefuls looking to avoid getting the ax.

Season Three, for example, really turned the reality show into a realty show when five members of one team and three members of the other hailed from the world of real estate, most of them with residential experience.

The winner that season was revealed as the canny and cunning Kendra Todd, in real life an investor and managing broker of MyHouseRE.com, a Boynton Beach, FL-based firm offering investment advice and property matching services for its clients.

Todd also became the first woman to win "The Apprentice" competition.

This time around, there are fewer real estate professionals attempting not to get the pursed-lip "You're fired!" order to pack their bags.

However, instead of a stuffy board room in Trump Towers in Manhattan, the action takes place in the stuffy board room in a massive swanky mansion overlooking the City of Angels -- smog and all.

"The Apprentice" website offers a tour of the property.

Season Six, dubbed "The Apprentice Los Angeles" is the first time the show isn't filmed in New York City and comes with a haves-and-have not spin on the punishment doled out each week to the losing team.

Each week, the winning team not only gets a lavish victory celebration, but also a night to crash in the 14,000 square foot, 9-bedroom, 12-bathroom mansion-compound. The losers live in a small "tent city" in the backyard. In previous seasons both the winner and loser retired after each task to a hotel suite.

The mansion, like most mansions, is furnished with opulence. The best the tent city has to offer is outdoor plumbing.

Still, as any really homeless person will tell you, it's not easy getting up after a night in a tent and being competitive and productive.

In the new season's first episode, the first to get the boot was one of the five contestents with a real estate background.

So who are the real estate pros this time around to root for?

"We only give out first names of contestants for privacy reasons," says Jill Carmen with NBC's publicity office.

Representing five of the 18 contestants in the sixth installment of "The Apprentice", they are:

  • "Aaron, The Adapter," 25, of Fredericksburg, VA, is a community sales manager for a Fortune 150 homebuilder.
  • Martin, The Philosopher," 37, of Atlanta, GA, is a senior assistant city attorney responsible for real estate, communications, utilities and commercial transaction contracts and negotiations. After nearly bended-knee begging to stay, he was the first to hear "You're fired!
  • "Frank, The Mouth," 27, Bronx, NY, is founder and CEO of a construction and real estate development firm.
  • "Michelle, The Closer," 34, Los Angeles, CA, is a real estate remodel and design consultant and investor.
  • "Nicole, The Dreamer," 25, Chicago, IL, is owner/broker of a commercial real estate acquisitions company and investor.

Tune in and see how the "home" team fares in the coming weeks.

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