She's on the move. It started before she got the highly coveted job of working for "The Donald," but after that Kendra Todd's career has most certainly picked up.

"I learned all kinds of incredible things such as what works in resort markets … to what type of soil you use and topography that works for golf courses -- all sorts of interesting development type of information. It was fun," says Todd.

Todd is perhaps best known today for becoming the Apprentice winner of the third season. That coup landed her a $250,000 salary for one year working for the Trump Organization. Her first project was overseeing the renovation and marketing of a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida with the hefty listing price of $125 million.

"Being able to be involved with the most expensive listing on record in the country was pretty exciting and it was right in my backyard; I am based in Palm Beach, Florida," says Todd.

I recently talked with Todd about what she learned from the legendary real estate developer.

"I was really impacted by what a genius [Donald Trump] has been in terms of branding and marketing and how important that is when it comes to his success particularly as a real estate developer," says Todd.

But let's face it, most of us aren't interested or likely to become developers. So, Todd, who specializes in residential real estate, has other advice for those of us who simply want more information about getting our homes sold when talk of real estate frequently evokes anxious emotions.

Her advice centers heavily around what sellers can do to their homes to make them more appealing without overdoing it.

"We're teaching people how to get the most bang for their buck out of their house," says Todd. She's talking about the show "My House is Worth What?" Todd hosts on HGTV nightly.

"The show is really interesting because you'll see people who really overdid it. They may have a gorgeous kitchen but they spent $50,000 when they really only needed to spend $30,000 so the extra $20,000 was a waste. They could have [put that money] to better use in other parts of the home," explains Todd.

Another important factor to keep in mind is how you renovate your home. Some additions are considered valuable while others, depending on the market, may seem a bit odd.

"Demand for different [types of rooms] differs from region to region. Attics are important in the northeast -- if you have them in Florida, people think it's strange," says Todd.

Todd says it's also important to know who your buyers are and what their needs and wants are.

"Single women are one of the fastest growing demographic groups of home purchasers in the nation. So what is important to know is what single women want," says Todd.

Ah, we all know that can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint. But all kidding aside, things such as large closets, easy-care yards, and spacious kitchens (even though many single women might not have a great deal of time to cook) are very important.

But Todd says the number one place to start if your home is stalling on the market is outside. With an unprecedented number of listings and high competition -- curb appeal is what gets buyers out of their cars and in your door.

"It's one of the highest impact things that you can do for relatively little money," says Todd.

"It's amazing what potted plants and flower trellises do. Or re-painting the front door or putting a new mailbox out front -- it is absolutely incredible," she says.

Of course, getting buyers in the door is only part of the real estate equation. Then everything from how your home smells, looks, and feels (spacious or cluttered) become vital as does the price tag.

But in this market place, getting people in the door is at least a good way to get them on the move in the right direction. For more real estate tips, visit kendratoddgroup.com.

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