Your listing agreement is signed and you're heading out to install the lockbox and yard sign for your fabulous new listing! By this afternoon, the property will be entered into the MLS, and hopefully your fancy-schmantzy home brochures will be delivered by the end of the week.

Whew! You're done, right? Time to move onto the next listing prospect!

Well, that's up to you, but I don't recommend it.

Those first two weeks of a new listing provide a beautiful window of opportunity to knock the sox off your seller and cement your position as his or her all-time favorite real estate agent. Oh, and by knocking the sox off your new seller out of the gate, you might buy yourself a little grace if, down the road, you unintentionally drop the ball (it happens)!

When you put a new listing on the market, strive to have contact with your seller every single day for the first week; and into the second week if possible. Remember, while listing a home may be just another day at the office for us, it's a monumental event for most home-sellers. They are watching our every move (or lack of movement) very closely and commenting on those moves (or lack thereof) to their peers.

So, what can you do to knock some sox those precious first two weeks of a new listing?

  • Send the sellers a copy of the MLS listing and ask for their blessing
  • Send the sellers a draft of the home brochure and ask for their blessing
  • Schedule the first open house
  • Create and deliver your first State of the Market report
  • Deliver feedback from showings, if any
  • Send links to your online advertising (Your Virtual Tour, Craigslist, Postlets, Realtor.com, your blog, etc.).
  • Ask seller to distribute the virtual tour to his social network.
  • Drop off brochures
  • Do your Open House
  • Deliver feedback from Open House
  • Ask sellers how they feel the process is going so far
  • Preview any new competition and share your feedback
  • Call to check on brochures - do we need more yet?
  • Prepare a market report with the number of showings and virtual tour hits, along with an update on the status of the competition.

After the first two weeks, you can slow down your attention a bit, although of course, do continue to provide showing feedback and check on brochures and such. Every 2-3 weeks, send an updated market activity report, and at six weeks, prepare a full CMA and schedule a meeting with the sellers to discuss it.

If your seller feels you're being too attentive, he'll probably let you know, but I really doubt that will be a problem!

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