The amount of time needed to become a real estate investor is divided into three segments: preparation, implementation, and action.

Preparation: Build Your Knowledge

This is a combination of active study, such as reading this content, and development of investment habits that will become a natural part of your everyday life. Much of this awareness building will not take additional time from your current activities, but can become a part of them. For example, instead of merely driving to work, change your route to get to know the neighborhood where you plan or hope to invest. Look at properties on the market, jot down phone numbers from for sale or “for rent” signs, and so on. Then follow up by calling the numbers and getting the details.

Implementation: Start Your Comfort Zone Plan

This content can become your guide to investing and is designed to take the investor through a systematic process and is an ideal reference guide. One morning each week plus one full day during the weekend is a reasonable amount of time to devote to fieldwork. Fieldwork is the time spent driving around the community, getting to know the geographic area of your comfort zone better than any taxi driver ever could. This means not only knowing the streets, but also knowing the zoning, neighborhood boundaries, school districts, churches, public transportation, proximity to shopping, employment, and so on.

Action: Put Your Plan to Work

By the lime, you have completed this content you will already be spotting opportunities within your comfort zone that had slipped right past you earlier. Remind yourself that because you have gone through this course you are miles ahead of others who are still clueless as to those same opportunities. Spring into action and demonstrate that you have become a member of the true real estate insiders fraternity.

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