The key to a success-oriented attitude in real estate investing is to build your self-confidence to the level where you can deal with the total involvement of buying and selling real property. It is logical, then, that the first part of your plan to become a successful real estate investor should be to outline all the steps needed to obtain the necessary knowledge and tools of the trade.

Five Steps to Building Self-Confidence

1. Accept the fact that by the time you complete this 36-hour course you will have the basic foundation on which to select objectives that will move you closer to your desired goals.

2. Anticipate that you will have strong points from which you can build as well as weak points that you will have to strengthen or circumvent.

3. Set down clear and attainable long-range goals and work to refine them.

4. Establish intermediate goals and timetables. These mini-goals are steps you need to take to attain, increase, or fine-tune your knowledge and abilities so you can succeed at longer-range goals. Your list of mini-goals or steps should never have more than three or four items at any given time. Keep your timetable short. No item should be on the list if you cannot complete it within six months.

5. Celebrate each intermediate step you attain. Pat yourself on your own back and be proud of your accomplishments. By continuing to set intermediate mini-goals that can be reached in short time periods, you are setting a pattern for success. Continual achievement creates a strong success-oriented attitude and helps build your self-confidence quickly.

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