Are you passionate about sales? In real estate, sales are the culmination of helping buyers find the homes of their dreams and sellers moving on to greener pastures. There are many real estate agents out there, however, that mistake aggressiveness for assertiveness. The sale is their bottom line and they're missing the mark.

Today's economy presents a unique set of buyers and sellers. These customers are more cautious. Financial situations demand good and timely deals, but timely in today's market may mean looking at more houses and taking longer to make a final decision. It may also mean waiting for a savings account to grow before jumping into a purchase.

Helping others make the best deal is what being passionate about sales is really about. Here are some simply tips to help channel your passion.

1. Know your strengths. There's no reason to struggle against the strong current of real estate. Instead, move smoothly along with your own flow. You'll find sales will surge when you tap into your talents. Are you a people person? Are you a guru at online marketing? Knowing your strengths will help move properties fast.

2. Network with sincerity. Sales come from many directions. Some clients will find you online. Others come through word mouth. Still others are referred by your extended social and professional network. Be sure that you are sincere with each friend request and tweet. No one wants to work with or buy from an agent who is all about the dollar.

3. Do what you love. Passion is a great motivator. Do you love working with first-time homebuyers? Are you passionate about helping low-income buyers find the best financing? Doing what you love will fuel your fire -- and that will show to any prospective client.

4. Don't push. Really! Have you ever been in a retail store where the clerk brings you item after item to tell you, "This would look great on you." They push because they sell on commission, but a real estate agent must be careful that they don't push a client into a purchase that is out of reach or ill-fitting. Let buyers and sellers take the time they need.

5. Get Educated. This is a great time to explore new certifications as well as take classes outside real estate that can boost your creativity when it comes to marketing. A simple computer or design class can be a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Focusing on your talents and the real needs of your clients, instead of the "almighty dollar", is the best way to channel your passion for sales. Do this and you'll not only get the sales figures you want, but will enjoy it along the way.

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