Realty Executives International has removed its previous online news service provider and has chosen Real Estate-Realtor Times as the front page news and information service provider for its public portal, www.realtyexecutives.com.

From among Real Estate-Realtor Times' product line, Realty Executives' director of technology Dan Miller chose "Custom News," which Real Estate-Realtor Times customized to blend with the franchise leader's branding in its distinctive red, white, and navy colors. Custom News is advertising free, and includes daily Realtor-friendly news and advice for real estate consumers, mortgage interest rates, and a searchable archive of over 4,000 real estate stories for consumers.

"One of my reasons I switched to Real Estate-Realtor Times is that I like the layout," says Miller. "The mortgage rates and front page are well designed from a technical standpoint. Real Estate-Realtor Times also has excellent service and support staff that are easy to work with. They respond quickly to service questions."

Rich La Rue, Realty Executives' director of franchise relations explains, that he agreed with the choice because he likes Real Estate-Realtor Times' content.

"It is consumer-friendly, timely and practical advice," says La Rue. "You've got the day's latest stories of relevant topics, and it is Realtor-friendly, too. The consumer advice in the library helps the consumers focus on what they need to do. Moving is stressful, and Real Estate-Realtor Times has an incredible amount of information."

"This agreement is important to us because our vision and mission is 'Experience Excellence," emphasizes La Rue. "We want our agents' customers to experience excellence and this information is a means to that end."

Jody Lane, president of Real Estate-Realtor Times says, "We have a separate registered supplier agreement with Realty Executives, which is separate from our news agreement, so we already know that we are dealing with a quality organization with an innovative forward-thinking staff."

"Realty Executives has shown in a way that no other franchise organization has so far that they are interested in products and services that are good for the agent in the trenches. They have shown us that they not only believe in our products, but they believe in our news authority as well - enough to put us as a standard feature on their public site and feature our Agent News on their Intranet for agents."

"We are extremely interested in exploring ways we can deepen our relationship to benefit agents," says Lane.

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