Have you noticed how brown it is out there? Winter can be a very depressing time. The bloom has left gardens and yards and we can only wait for Spring. How can you make your home appealing even during this dull and dreary season?

With just a few tips, tricks, and a little planning you can show buyers the true potential of your home. If you live in an area that stays green (hello, Hawaii), then count your lucky stars! The rest of the nation isn’t so lucky. Don’t worry, though. These tried and true tips can help you close a sale as well!

First, plant frost hardy plants. Many plants keep their color and leaves during the winter and can add a splash of color to your otherwise brown yard. One frost tolerant plant to consider are pansies. Pansies look great as a border in beds or in a pot. For future planning be sure to plant plenty of evergreen shrubs and trees, such as cedar, pine, boxwoods, and holly.

Next, be sure that your yard is nice and tidy. Brave the cold and be sure that trees are trimmed, beds are weeded and mulched, and summer furniture and toys stores away.

Be proactive about showcasing all that your outdoor spaces have to offer. Many sellers forget that yards are a big selling point even in the winter.

For this reason be sure to do lots of outdoor staging. Set up a simple chiminea and wooden benches on your patio. If you have a covered porch, set up a table with tablecloth and outdoor dishes (if weather permits). Toss throws on chairs along with a book and a cup of hot tea.

Add seasonal decor -- just a touch -- for a sense of whimsy and seasonal charm. Wreathes, welcome rugs, and seasonal plants such as poinsettias are perfect accents for your front step.

Finally, make the indoors an oasis. Buyers are stepping out of the cold and into what should be a warm and welcoming home. Be sure your home is warm for showings. Consider having the fireplace burning, candles scenting the air, and warm throws and rugs that look inviting.

You can also create this indoor oasis by filling your home with beautiful, oxygen rich houseplants. Everyone misses green during the dead of winter. Include one or two plants in each main room to add a punch of life. Many houseplants bloom during the winter as well. Consider investing in a few peace lilies or Christmas cactus to add some color.

The bottom line is your home has lots of potential even in the Winter. Your yard is a selling point whether it is color, warm, rain, or shine. Take a little extra time to help buyers see what your yard and home can offer.

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