Urbanites have begun to see they don't necessarily have to leave the city to find room for gardening. Dwellers in small units are making a few changes to get a large crop (okay, not so large) to pop up during the growing season in the city on back porches, roof tops and outside windows, according to NationalPost.com, Canada's premier news and lifestyle web site.

Container gardening can be carried out nearly anywhere in the condo world. For successful blossoms, condo owners will need a power and water source, to help with the harvest. Helios Landscaping spokesperson Reuben Butterfield says in National Post, "The flexibility of container gardening has given gardeners the ability to take their hobby with them as they move."

Going "green" has a lot of unit owners creating micro-gardens in their micro-dwellings, a market of personal gardening that has grown 15 percent in the last three years, says Suzanne Wilson of GardenWorks.

Renowned international horticulturalist W.O. Baudoin writes, "A microgarden uses low-cost and easy to manage soilless culture technology" to create a garden on a ledge, so to speak, allowing city-dwellers to create healthy living environments in small spaces.

For an international look at how condo owners grow food on the terrace, check out CityFarmer.info.

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