Winter may have your lawn looking less than stellar. To keep your neighbors happy -- and potential buyers interested -- take a look at these lawn care tips.

Why is winter lawn care so important? By taking a few precautions during the Winter, you can ensure a healthy lawn come Springtime.

The first, and perhaps easiest, step is to pick up any leaves that cover your lawn. If left sitting over grass, they will create dead spots.

The same goes for clutter and debris, such as toys. You may think that grass is completely dormant during Winter months, however, grass still needs oxygen and sunlight to maintain life. If you have it covered, you have it smothered.

The next step, do not drive on the grass. Winter is a time for holiday parties and family get-togethers. Many people may be tempted to park on lawns. Resist the urge!

You can take lawn care two steps further, as well.

If your lawn has pH issues, now is the time to treat it with lime and other additives. Contact your local lawn specialist for more information.

Late Winter is also the time to aerate your lawn. What is aerating? By making small holes in the surface of your lawn, you allow for deeper root growth. You also allow nutrients to gain direct access to the grass roots. This should give you a fuller, thicker lawn.

Follow these simple steps and wake up to a beautiful Spring lawn.

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