Household pests are icky, but that’s not all.


  • An adult flea can bite up to 400 times a day.


  • Cockroaches can live for weeks without a head.


  • A queen termite can lay 1,000 eggs a day.

    Got the willies yet?

    Household pests can do a lot worse.

    According to Lucy O’Neill, a columnist for the Improvement Center, household pests are everywhere and some can be dangerous.

    Home remedies may work for some, but you may need a professional for others.

    Sure pest control can cost, but pests can become even more expensive if they spend too much time visiting and damaging your home.

    The Improvement Center’s infographic below takes a look at some common pests and explains why you need to evict them for good.

    Mouse over the image and click to enlarge.

    pest control inforgraphic
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