There is only so much land in the world. Our Creator only gave us so much. And for years, wild life and land development were able to coincide with out a problem.

However, as subdivisions have continued to emerge, the land that had been inhabited by wildlife is dwindling. As a result, the wildlife and man now need to share the same turf. Turf wars in which man always seems to win.

Deer are reported to have caused traffic accidents throughout the country and generally causing all kinds of other problems. But the truth about deer is that they ruin vegetable and flower gardens. I think that people become crazed when deer consume their vine ripened tomatoes.

Perhaps, the most vivid demonstration of how this scenario plays out concerns deer control in suburban areas. Many communities are now confronted with deer control issues.

What makes this matter particularly difficult is two fold: First, people have an emotional "Bambi" like attraction to deer. Deer seem harmless, and it is very hard to consider them to be a nuisance. For many people, hurting a deer equates with hurting a cute, cartoon character (remember Bambi's mom did not do too well.)

The other problem is that the simple, less threatening means of dealing with deer generally do not seem to work that well. As a result, communities have had to resort to more drastic, uglier means of addressing the deer struggle.

Princeton, New Jersey has recently had its own deer fight. At least two lawsuits have been filed concerning the means chosen to thin out the deer population. The upscale central New Jersey community recently hired a company from Connecticut to kill 1300 deer.

One, to say the least, very controversial approach that had been considered is called the net and bolt technique. This is really disgusting. According to published reports, the deer are trapped in nets and then, while held down, killed with a device that fires a retractable bolt into their skulls. The bolt is four inches in diameter in length and made from steel.

There are companies throughout the country that specialize in deer control. One company promotes itself as "a group of dedicated, experienced, highly competent bow hunters organized to assist you in the management of local deer population." It has developed a "quality deer management program" designed to match the population of deer with the availability of food and other local resources. This company uses arrows to kill the deer, asserting that it is the safest way to hunt within a major metropolitan area.

Another company sells deer repellants and deer fencing . There are also deer warning devices that are available for cars. One in particular generates a sonic wave that alerts deer to approaching vehicles and is designed to avoid "costly accidents."

There are no simple, tasteful solutions. If we continue to knock down wooded areas and build McMansions, deer will be displaced and our gardens will be consumed. People want McMansions, and so they will be built.

Ironically, many older cities are half empty and could be redeveloped. Unused infrastructure awaits the return of the masses. I hope the infrastructure isn't holding its breath, because we are not coming back so quickly.

Bad news for the environment; Bad news for open space advocates; even worse news for Bambi.

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