In many parts of this country, we are running out of open space in which to build new McMansions. And as a result, areas that were previously off limits are now becoming the subject of new subdivisions.

Former wildlife inhabitants now need to find a new home. And we humans are a lot like two year old kids. Everything is ours, we do not like to share. Enter the deer. Many communities have what they refer to as a "deer problem." Because all of this development has displaced our wildlife, the deer are now living with us. So are the brown bear and the snakes and all of the other critters that used to live far away.

But the deer problem is different because across the country people are taking up arms against Bambi. You see, deer cause destruction to those wonderful landscaped and manicured gardens and lawn. When there are deer around, often the vegetables are eaten and when there are deer around, the turnips go away. Communities that decide to kill deer usually blame the need on public safety. They point to auto accidents involving deer and say the answer is to destroy the deer. Never mind that modern road reflectors are now around that do a much more effective job of accident avoidance.

People tend to care more about their lawn than their cars. Talking about car accidents makes the subject seem more urgent. After all, we can't kill Bambi if all that is at risk are our home grown vegetables.

In community after community, allegedly for the sake of safety, we find otherwise civilized people brutalizing the deer population. It is not enough that sharp shooters are being called from other parts of the country to come in and eradicate these animals who have a prior claim to the land. It is not enough that in some areas hunters with bows and arrows are allowed to take shots at these deer. And let me assure you that this is one of the least efficient and painful means of killing deer.

Now enters the cruelest of all deer eradication means. The net and bolt method.

Under the net and bolt method the deer are trapped in nets and then a gun shoots a large bolt through there skull. I think it is impossible to imagine a more cruel, inhumane and inappropriate method for controlling wildlife.

There are reports of captured deer struggling so violently that they break their legs and antlers and cause harm to themselves. What can be more inhumane? Apparently, this method is used in slaughter houses. At least there, the animals are secure and the method works. When the deer is struggling, we are told that the bolt often misses its subject or does not hit head on. It just makes the story even worse.

There are other forms of deer control. There are contraceptives and the reflectors. We are supposed to be a civilized and just people. How can anyone allow the pain and suffering that is associated with these control methods to continue?

Speak up if this is being considered in your community. If you say nothing, you are as guilty as the shooters themselves.

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