Repairing stucco

MATERIALS: Stucco caulk, stucco patch, stucco pigment

TOOLS: Putty knife, wire brush, caulking gun, trowel, whisk broom

Patching damaged stucco can be difficult because no stucco repair is invisible. It’s almost impossible to match the texture and color, but it’s important that you try. More important is a tight seal with adjacent materials. Cracks and holes in stucco let water into the walls, and the problems that result will be far worse than a mismatched patch.

Prior experience with masonry tools will give you a distinct advantage when attempting to match a particular stucco texture. Stucco pigments can be obtained at masonry supply stores and are meant to be mixed with the final coat. When pigmenting stucco, keep in mind that the color is likely to change as the stucco dries. For the best match, take the time to experiment with stucco and pigment proportions until you find a tint that matches the existing stucco wall when dry. Make necessary repairs to the underlying structure before you begin. Plan on building up your repair in layers over several days, allowing the stucco to cure between applications.

FILL MINOR CRACKS WITH SPECIALTY STUCCO CAULK PRODUCTS. These caulks do not harden fully, maintaining a flexible bond between cracks. Stucco caulks are not available in colors, so the repair area will be plainly visible. You can, however, paint over a caulk strip to match the color of your stucco.

1 USE A WIRE BRUSH TO CLEAN OUT OLD, LOOSE STUCCO FROM THE REPAIR AREA. Inspect the areas surrounding the visible damage to the stucco, pressing gently on the sides until you find solid wall. A loose wall that gives under hand pressure indicates a more serious repair.

2 FILL THE HOLE WITH PRE-MIXED STUCCO PATCH USING A TROWEL. Apply the stucco in two or three thin layers, letting each layer dry completely between applications.

3 SMOOTH OUT THE FINAL COAT TO MATCH THE SURROUNDING TEXTURE using a trowel; then dab with the straw ends of a whisk broom to blend in the texture of the repair.

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