Jacob’s son Joseph in the Bible wore a coat of many colors which attracted much attention. In matters of both fashion and paint, color matters. In homeowner associations, it matters even more since the impact of the color palette is so much larger. And it’s not just the colors you choose but how they are applied.

Trim accents can make or break the overall effect. Practically speaking, paint color is fundamental to curb appeal. Curb appeal translates directly into increased market value. Lack of curb appeal translates into...well, you know. So what’s the proper color code for your community?

Complement Your Permanent Colors. Use a color range that complements the permanent colors such as the roof and brickwork. If you plan on changing the color of the roofing in the near future, be sure to consider this in selecting paint colors or keep the roof color neutral.

Assess Colors in Natural Light. Study paint color samples in natural light. Buy quarts of several body and trim color combinations and paint test areas which receive full sun. View these colors at different times of the day and from different angles. Keep in mind that colors will appear lighter when painted over a large surface.

Poll Your Members. To promote participation and community harmony, provide a selection of color combinations and let your members decide which combination they like best. If your property is large enough to warrant several combinations, allow the owners of each building to decide which combination they want for theirs.

Color Dynamics. Consider the effects of light and dark colors in relationship to the size and position of the buildings. Lighter colors make a building seem larger while darker colors make it smaller. A darker color is often a good choice for buildings built in close proximity to one another and vice versa.

Tie in Landscaping. Use the colors of flowers, trees and shrubs as inspiration for a pleasing, complimentary color scheme.

Use Lighting Accents. Besides increasing safety, creative lighting provides a delightful after dark variation to your colors. Consider spot lighting around building entrances and focal points.

Ask the Color Experts. Paint companies often offer color design counsel for no charge in hopes of selling paint. A design consultant will give you the latest contemporary colors and combinations to modernize your community look. Don’t get caught in a time warp by staying with the same-old same-old. Keep your colors fresh. HINT: Buyers pay more for current color motifs.

A carefully selected color pallet is the key to maintaining high market values and attractive appearance. This is a coat of colors your HOA community will wear with pride. For a sample Paint Specification,

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