Have you ever wondered why some places feel good? Or have you noticed how other places just don't feel right and you are relieved to exit? There could be several reasons.

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is the art of recognizing the energies of the earth, its' inhabitants and their relationship. It is based in Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang and how to enhance the balance of those two aspects of Universal Energy known as Qi. Yin energy is described as watery, cool, dark, night, internal, peaceful, gentle, and descending. While it's opposite, Yang is described as fiery, warm, light, external, active, strong and ascending.

In nature we can see these two aspects of Qi through the manifestation of the four seasons. For example the summer is hot, bright and dry, while the winter is cool, wetter and has darker, shorter days.

For most of us our homes are the private part of our lives where we can relax and rest to strengthen ourselves to face the challenge of living in the world. If our home is too Yang, we may have sleep difficulties or be unable to really relax and recharge. On the other hand if the house is too Yin, it may be difficult to focus, plan or accomplish our life goals.

Living rooms and kitchens are Yang rooms. We socialize, entertain and gather in them, so it is important that they are cheerful, uncluttered, comfortable spaces. Living rooms should be beautiful and uplifting. Beauty nourishes the Soul. Display meaningful pictures, paintings and your best artwork. Have comfortable and good quality furnishings. Color schemes with a neutral base and bright colorful accent pillows, rugs and window coverings will give years of enjoyment for family and friends.

Bedrooms are the most Yin rooms in a house and should be oriented with the purpose of rest and regeneration in mind. This means no televisions or computers, please! Keep all electrical equipment to a minimum. Battery-operated alarm clocks are preferable to electric ones.

And that telephone! either get rid of it or turn off the ringer and place it far away from the bed. Warm and soft colors are appropriate, pink, peach, lavender and blue are peaceful choices.

While Feng Shui has been employed to improve careers, fortunes and personal relationships, it's higher purpose is to uplift ourselves and our environment. This is what is known as Sacred World, recognizing that the earth is sacred and all of its inhabitants. It could be appreciated more fully, just as we care for and plant a tree and it in turn gives us the gift of its' fruit.

So we can take care of our homes, our gardens, our world and it will take care of us.

Alaina Speraw is a Tucson Realtor.

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