We can all use some really good news about now, and I have some for you. 

If you live near high tension power lines, you probably are not more likely to get breast cancer. 

Well, its good news for at least half of us.  And for the other half that cares for and loves the other half. 

576 woman who discovered they had breast cancer between August 1996 and June 1997 were compared with roughly the same number of women who did not have cancer.  All of the woman lived in Long Island for at least 15 years and their exposure to electro magnetic fields was evaluated.

The scientists found no relationship between EMF exposure and breast cancer.  In other words, they could not conclude that increased EMF exposure increased the likelihood that women would get breast cancer.

Another study published last year yielded largely the same conclusion.  Which means that we can all begin believing that there may not be a relationship.  I am sure this issue is not over, but we have some good, seemingly reliable information.

Now, what do we do with this information?  Do we ignore a new home that we happen to like, if it is near a high tension power line?  Perhaps.

The question is how much of a risk do you want to take.  Remember how red meat was bad for you, and now its good for you?  You need to trust that scientists will not change their minds about EMFs tomorrow.  Or that better research techniques will not yield different results.

Also, if you are concerned about maintaining the value of your home you need to believe that these recent studies will alter purchasing habits relating to homes near power lines.  Many realtors tell me that prices go down when the homes are near these lines.

If people learn of these recent studies, will they modify their purchasing habits?  Will home values become unaffected?  So many unknowns.

Its all a personal choice.  If I had my choice of homes, I would still pick the one away from the towers rather than the home right near them.  Why take chances?

Personally, I am skeptical about home values.  I believe that regardless of the science, home owners will prefer homes away from high tension lines. 

The truth is that these lines are simply unattractive.  Sometimes they hiss.  These non-health related issues alone will probably, in my view, make homes near these towers have a lower value than homes that are further away.

If you are only concerned about health affects, this Long Island study suggests that buying near these towers may not enhance the risk of contracting breast cancer.  If these results are scientifically accurate, they certainly are welcomed news.

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