In the real estate industry, convenience is a necessity: a means by which tenants, both residential and commercial, have a chance to enjoy a variety of benefits. To date, those advantages include concierge services, wireless Internet, business suites, lifestyle amenities and transportation.

And, while these features are significant and allow building owners and managers to distinguish themselves in a challenging economy, there is another far more practical offering every property should provide. That strength involves a safe and odorless way to dispose of trash, the piles of garbage that fill dumpsters and bins for multi-family apartment complexes, corporate campuses and other destinations.

This simple task - finding a way to guard against the scents of daily life - makes common sense; it is an affordable and much appreciated solution to a typical problem, combating the odors that may otherwise pervade a building, home or office. For, without a safe and reliable means of overcoming this challenge, property owners and managers risk losing tenants, compromising their reputation and creating a mess -- literally and figuratively.

I offer this commentary based on my own experience as the founder of OdorNo, which develops disposable bags to protect against the smells associated with things like incontinence products, baby diapers, pet waste, garbage, industrial trash and other unpleasant fumes. This safe and effective solution, which is free of harsh chemicals and the additives found in other items, comes at a time when every feature - even the most ordinary or seemingly mundane - is an opportunity to attract new clients and tenants. In fact, eliminating the smells of everyday life - particularly for companies located in areas that may be within close proximity to industrial facilities or manufacturing plants - is a major selling point. Remember: building managers want to equip tenants with all the resources necessary to be successful. That principle extends to trash bags that are safe, effective and free of the perfumes that are often just as foul as the contents themselves.

This issue is also important because real estate brokers and agents want to work with companies with a conscience. That is, real estate is about more than this or that transaction; it is, instead, about partnering with credible brands that offer products and services that have practical advantages, the sort of features that appeal to a diverse array of consumers, executives and workers alike. Fulfilling that mission should be a priority for all industries, but it is an obvious requirement for realtors who represent both landlords and tenants. Simply stated, these conveniences - the things we take for granted on a daily basis - can make a home or workplace more inviting, comfortable and, well, odor-free.

Supplying residential and commercial properties for a smart alternative to handling and removing trash is an easy - and affordable - way to transform a place into a haven for, respectively, productivity and relaxation. In fact, these comforts - the proverbial small things that make a big difference - are the chief reason prospective tenants or buyers may choose one property over another. Bear in mind that every accessory - yes, even new trash bags - can equip a building with the features that are in line with good stewardship and the environment.

These attributes are a compelling transformation for business in general and the real estate industry in particular. Together, we can make properties hubs of productivity and success. The future is promising, indeed.

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