A Q Environmental, Los Angeles, California is announcing new methods for analyzing air for Mold Spores. A Q uses an inexpensive new method. An air filter cassette is used to collect air in a room, the process takes a few minutes, and the sample cassette is then analyzed. The results will show the type of mold, how many mold spores are present in the air and the concentration per cubic meter of air. The levels of hazardous mold can be determined and the health risks associated with the mold.

Undetermined health problems may be a result of undetected mold in a home or office. Having a Mold expert inspect and sample the air may show what doctors have been unable to determine. Unusual high levels of certain types of Mold in the air may result in serious medical conditions in sensitive persons.

Older methods using growth cultures in petri dishes are inaccurate and don't report the amount of mold present when collected, the test only reports how much and how fast mold can grow.

A Q provides in-expensive inspections for Mold starting at $250.00. A Q's services include finding leaks and mold problem, its source, define the extent of the problem, informing client on proper procedure to fix a problem and how to cleanup. A Q can provide cost estimate to cleanup and remove a mold problem.

A Q Environmental helps real estate agents, homeowners, commercial building owners, tenants, contractors and insurance companies. A Q can service a client with short notice, the same day if the request is called in early.

A Q has performed environmental services over a decade and has extensive experience in Mold testing and cleanup. A Q provides many related environmental services in addition to Mold solutions such as, asbestos, lead, demolition and much more. References can be found on A Q's website at www.hazwaste.com/references.html

A Q Environmental can contacted at 213-386-4540 or visit their web site at www.hazwaste.com

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