There was Mighty Dog, there was Underdog, and of course there was Snoopy and Lassie. Now, meet Oreo, the Mold Dog.

You heard me correctly. Oreo sniffs out mold for people who are concerned that their homes may be mold infested. In recent years, a lot of people have expressed this concern, and Oreo has been one busy canine.

I had the pleasure of meeting Oreo and his owner, Jason Earle, several days ago. Jason is in the mold detection business. While I have met my share of mold detectors, none, with the exception of Jason, have a dog as a partner.

Oreo was parked in Jason's van as we spoke. My whole office went out to meet with her. It was in the 80's here in New Jersey, but Jason keeps the AC on for Oreo.

Their very successful company is called Lab Results, LLC and is based in Princeton. Jason works with other mold inspectors. And Oreo is a very important part of the mix.

In a way, Oreo is like a drug dog, but instead of drugs, it's spores that are her target.

The two enter a home and have a routine. Jason knows how to interpret Oreo's moves, and understands every time she encounters mold. Identified areas are marked, and followup conventional sampling can later occur.

Of course, Oreo can't do it all. Jason or a member of his team must evaluate and interpret the data produced by Oreo. But Oreo finds what we mere mortals cannot.

She was trained in Florida just for the mold detection business. A few other like-abled canines are out there in the rest of the country. But probably none are more lucky than Oreo.

You see, Oreo is a professional. But she and Jason have bonded very much in the manner that law enforcement officer's bond with their working dogs. And quite obviously, Oreo is very well treated.

Lab Results, LLC is located in Princeton, New Jersey. But I think I smell expansion in the near future. Jason is doing exceedingly well. I wonder aloud whether he may even look for a way to take this regionally, or even nationally. Or dare I say internationally. Why not?

You see, I have good reason to wonder. This isn't Jason's first career. He was the youngest person to ever hold a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and he is a professional speaker. My hunch is that this is an IPO worth watching!

You can view the company's website at www.LabResultsLLC.com. Or call Oreo and Jason at 800-630-9047. Trust me, Jason is extremely personable. And he is happy to play second fiddle to Oreo.

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