Not every homeowner is destined to become a gold star handyman, but that shouldn't keep today's average homeowner from making simple repairs to their own space. Here are some expert recommendations for the top 10 tools every homeowner should own and for what they can be used.

Topping the list is a set of screwdrivers. You can use these small and handy items to tighten loose drawers, handles, and of course, to change batteries in the countless children's toys around your house! Invest in both Phillips-head and flat-bladed versions, preferably in a few varying sizes.

Next, get yourself a hammer! Using a hammer is pretty self-explanatory, but you'll find it's great for removing troublesome nails and replacing them with new ones!

Hammer those nails into the perfect spot by using a stud finder. For less than $20 you can purchase this handy tool. Now you'll have sturdy screws and nails on which to hang your tv mount, coat rack, and heavy artwork.

Third, purchase an electric, corded drill. For projects around the house, there's usually no need for a cordless drill. In fact, having a drill with a cord means no waiting on a battery to charge. Simply hook your drill up to a small extension cord and you're ready to go!

Pliers may seem like a simple tool to own, but you'll find hundreds of ways to use them! From loosening tight screws or tightening loose bolts, you'll be glad you purchased this inexpensive tool.

Measure the perfect distance with your own tape measure. You can also buy a purse or pocket size tape measure that is perfect to take along on shopping trips. This way you'll be sure that new couch or table will fit!

A Shop Vac can be used to clean your car, vacuum out sliding door tracks, and remove cobwebs and dust bunnies from hard to reach places. It can even be used to remove standing water! A Shop Vac is a powerful vacuum to have in your tool arsenal.

Exacto knives can be used to open boxes and make “exacting” cuts on tape and edges. You can even use it to cut roof tarp, should the need arise!

A Chop saw is a big purchase that might scare some less experienced homeowners, but you can use this tool to cut replacement boards for trim, moulding, and even decks.

Finally, use a level to hang the perfect frame. Sometimes our eyes can deceive us, so be sure to get everything "level" with this easy tool.

Home repair projects can be tackled by all homeowners, young and old alike. It doesn't matter if you're male or female. Of course there are hundreds of other tools for hundreds household repairs. Don't be afraid to try simple projects yourself. You'll save money in the long-run and will be filled with some real pride of ownership.

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