Now I think that I truly have seen it all when it comes to bathroom decor. A new product for the bathroom is both decorative and functional and certain to become the most-talked-about object in the house. The Fish 'n Flush Aquarium Toilet Tank let's you relieve yourself and enjoy the serene scenery of real fish swimming in your toilet. Well, not the toilet's bowl but a detachable tank above it. See for yourself here.

"The bathroom has always been kind of a boring place and, to be honest with you, the industry has been a little bit stagnant as far as making changes. It's always been that same white porcelain tank with a few minor changes," says David Parrish, Chief Operating Officer of AquaOne Technologies.

The idea was conceived at a Las Vegas tradeshow when the company got extra creative and added fish to a clear acrylic toilet tank.

"A lot of our products that we sell under AquaOne are flood prevention and leak protection devices for home appliances. And in order to display one of our products with the toilet, we had an acrylic tank so that our customers could see the product in action -- which is a product that prevents toilets from overflowing and detects when they're leaking," says Devon Niccole, Marketing Director for AquaOne Technologies.

The goldfish in the toilet tank attracted such a crowd at the tradeshow that the company went forward with creating the Fish 'n Flush toilet to market to consumers.

AquaOne, along with a marine biologist, developed the toilet. Among its features: gravel, two nine-inch plants, a dual filter system, LED lighting, a built-in feeder, fill valve, overflow tube, flapper, suction pump, easy-to-clean tank, and two screws. The power level is set at 12 volts -- safe for this type of product.

The 2.2-gallon aquarium holds fresh or salt water and has removable pieces so that they can be cleaned while you still have a functioning toilet. The toilet tank holds 2.5 gallons of water -- enough to ensure that it flushes properly.

This new product allows you to replace your standard toilet tank with a two-piece clear toilet tank that has a fully-functioning, certified aquarium inside it.

"The toilet tank is attached by a couple of bolts to the toilet bowl. So all you do is undo the bolts and basically swap the tanks out," says Niccole.

Once installed, what you place inside the tank is entirely up to the consumer.

"A lot of people are turning it into a terrarium. They're putting snakes or frogs or lizards [in it]. You can use it for so many things, says Niccole.

The product makers believe their invention may do more than just create powder- room conversation; it can actually help young children.

"A toilet can be scary to them, I guess. This thing [creates] more of a welcoming atmosphere," says Niccole.

The company says parents are finding it's a big help to them.

"It's just a more fun environment for the kids to learn to potty train and it actually motivates them to learn how to do so," says Niccole.

With attractive fish swimming in the toilet, it is likely youngsters will head to the bathroom frequently to sneak a peek.

The product cost is $299.00 -- perhaps pricey for a toilet, but then again, you're adding an entire aquarium decor to your bathroom.

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