Homeowners looking to add value to their home should start in one of the most central rooms of the home -- the bathroom.

According to C.P. Hart, one of the UK's leading contemporary bathroom retailers and suppliers of bespoke bathrooms since 1937, a great bathroom can add real value to your property.

HouseLogic, supported by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), reports that the top bathroom trends can even be real money savers.

First, take note of energy conservation. Low-flow toilets can use a fraction of the amount of water of standard versions. Low-flow shower heads and faucets can also conserve water, a prime consideration for homeowners all across the drought-ridden Midwest and beyond.

The next trend will tug at the heart of every tech geek. HouseLogic reports it's all about technological advances. "You'll be able to create a custom showering experience more affordably than ever. For $300 for simple controllers to $3,500 or more for a complete luxury installation, programmable let you digitally set your preferred water temperature, volume, and even massage settings before you step in. To achieve a personalized showering experience, you'll need a 120-volt power source, and a thermostatic valve and controller in addition to your standard shower head or heads. Luxury models may include a steam system, a wi-fi source for music, multiple body spray outlets, tankless water heater, and a secondary controller to start the system from another room."

Take it a step further with docking stations for your iPod and integrated television screens in your mirrors!

C.P. Hart say it goes beyond saving energy and geeking out, however. Bathrooms can have focal points and finishes that can be real show stoppers. "Fittings and accessories should never be ignored when furnishing your washroom. A key piece, such as a basin, can really enliven the look and bring a touch of luxury to any space. Glass Design create bespoke washbowls that are a great example of cutting-edge design meets decadence. Each piece is uniquely designed, using materials that capture the soul of the product, adding a new lease of life to your abode."

Today's bathroom designs are about clean lines and organized beauty. Less is more, letting the eye fall on the room's shining stars, such as travertine floors, marble sinks, and beautiful faucets.

It's time to go minimalist. "Enhancing your bathroom's shape and size through discrete storage, each piece is custom-made, maximizing surface space through multi-storage units. With a range of styles, colors and sizes to choose from, you won't be short of ideas to match existing bathroom features," C.P. Hart says.

Consider a beautiful freestanding tub, reminiscent of the claw-footed examples from yesteryear. There are a wide range of shapes and styles available from many large retailers. These baths can become the focal point of any space. "From traditional Victorian to industrial-inspired designs and Japanese influences, there is a great range of inspiring pieces to choose from," says C.P. Hart.

Finally, think about future use of a bathroom. There's an aging demographic of baby boomers in the United States that is trending bathrooms towards future functionality. HouseLogic reports, "Expect to see faux wood, linen, and uniquely-textured looks for tiled bathroom floors and walls in 2012. The texture adds both visual impact and better traction for wet feet."

And let's not forget accessible tubs. "The accessible tub is no longer limited to the high-walled, narrow-door format that dominated the market in the last decade. Newer models, such as Kohler's Elevance ($5,100), employ rising panels in front that give more of a traditional tub look with easier entry and exit. Others use standard hinged, sealed doors, but are increasing door width by several inches for better accessibility and appearance."

Today's bathroom trends are about modern functionality. Go green and clean.

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