Laying vinyl floors with seams

1 IF YOUR FLOOR IS LARGE ENOUGH TO REQUIRE ASEAM, tape the pieces together before you apply the template. Align the sheets so they overlap by at least 2 inches and so the patterns match. Tape the sheets together.

2 CUT THE SEAMS USING A STRAIGHTEDGE AS A GUIDE. Choose a line in the pattern and put a straightedge against it. Hold the straightedge tightly against the flooring and cut along the pattern lines through both pieces of vinyl flooring.

3 REMOVE BOTH PIECES OF SCRAP FLOORING. The patterns on the two sheets now match.

4 PUT THE VINYL IN PLACE, roll back one side, and draw a line on the floor showing where the seam is. Draw two guidelines, each 12 inches from the one marking the seam. Put the vinyl back in place, match the patterns, and tape across the seam. Fold the vinyl back the same way you would with a one-piece floor, but make the fold perpendicular to the seam.

5 APPLY ADHESIVE UP TO THE GUIDELINES, and roll the vinyl back onto the floor. Fold back the second half of the vinyl and apply adhesive up to the guidelines. Put the vinyl in place and roll the floor with a heavy floor roller before you start work on the seam.

6 FOLD BOTH PIECES OF VINYL BACK FROM THE SEAM. Apply adhesive, then fold the vinyl back onto the floor. Roll with a hand roller and seal the seam.

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