Life happens. Stains happen. Homeowners everywhere wish there was a good way to remove these marks.

Your wish has been granted! Use this simple cheat sheet to help remove stains from your favorite household gear.

Everyone's coordination is a little off in the morning. So, there you have it: coffee stained carpet. The first rule of any stain is to act fast! The quicker you're able to blot (not rub) up the spill the less likely a stain will set in.

Now, mix 1 tsp of clear dish soap with warm water. Use a small amount at a time and work this mixture into the carpet fibers. Next, blot with a plain white paper towel or clean rag. Avoid using any cloth or soap that is dyed, as these could run.

As a final step you want something that will "strip" the stubborn coffee from the fibers. Vinegar is a miracle worker. Apply a mixture of 1 part vinegar 2 part water to the spot. Repeat the same blotting process as before.

Red wine is another common stain on carpet, though it's spills come from an entirely different lack of coordination. Blot up as much of the liquid as possible. Next, pour on clean water and continue to blot. The more wine you absorb onto your rag the better!

The cure for this stain type is baking soda. Mix 3 parts soda to 1 part water, forming a thick paste. Scrub this into your stain, allow to dry slightly, and then vacuum.

Now, how about that stained tile grout? We are a grubby species. Dirt seems to jump off of our shoes and onto clean surfaces.

The first line of attack is good old fashioned scrubbing. Mix Pine Sol with water and use a scrub brush to clean off surface level dirt. Once you're done, use a clean rag to wipe away any excess water before dirt particles have a chance to resettle on the grout.

If you have white grout, consider using bleach to make your grout shine! Clorox has a great product, called their Clorox Bleach Pen which gives you "precision control" and is great to use on wall tile.

Nobody wants to talk about the next stain. The awful odor of cat urine can permeate floors and carpets for years to come. First, act fast. Many times you can blot up cat pee before it has time to soak in.

If the item, such as a blanket or pillow, is washable, the only thing that works is color safe bleach detergent, such as Clorox 2. Pretreat to spot with the detergent and then wash. Regular detergent is useless against cat urine smells.

For older, stubborn stains you may need to mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide, forming a paste. Scrub this into your carpet fibers, allow to dry, and then vacuum.

To prevent remarking, mix a bottle of water and essential lemon oil and spray on areas that are favorite "spots."

The bottom line of stains is that bleach, vinegar, baking soda, and water are miracle workers. Be sure to arm yourself with this knowledge and meet your next stain head-on.

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