Is new flooring in your future? If you're on a tight budget or not able to afford to install new tile, wood, laminate or carpet throughout your entire house, consider a room or two at a time, or customize what you have.

The World Floor Covering Association suggests a handful of flooring ideas if you're on a budget.

"There are a number of affordable ways to make a statement without changing your whole home," the association says on its website.

Depending on your budget, there are many things you can do to make an impact underfoot, including:

  • $50 to $100 - Bring some color and texture to your room with an updated circular or rectangular area rug. A three-by-five-foot rug in a hallway or under a coffee table can bring a fresh look to a room.
  • $500 - Redo the foyer with stone-look ceramic tiles. Or install pre-finished hardwood floors in the entryway. Or add a four-by-six area rug to your dining room.
  • $1,000 - Replace the flooring in the high-traffic areas with tile, laminate or hardwood. Or if your kitchen needs some sprucing up, the WFCA suggests new resilient flooring that mimics tile or wood. If it's the living room that needs attention, consider Saxony nylon carpet with the latest "undercushion" for ultimate padded comfort.
  • $3,000 - Try out ceramic tiles in your entryway, hallway, kitchen and dining room. Tiles come in an array of patterns, matching any style. Or you may want to consider hardwood or laminate floors if you're seeking a minimalist look. You can also bring plush new carpet to your family room, home office, staircase and hallways.
  • $5,000 - Try mixing and matching; perhaps tile or resilient floors in the kitchen, hardwood in the hallways and carpet in the living room and bedrooms. Or indulge in luxurious, plush carpet in the master bedroom suite and add a lower grade to the high-traffic areas.
  • $8,000 - Customize to create the floors of your dreams.

    When it comes to what today's homeowners want in their flooring, individuality is key.

    The National Wood Flooring Association says homeowners with existing plain wood floors can customize them by adding a painted border, a different species of wood in a border or accent, or darkening the floor.

    "Custom wood floors add so much beauty to a home," said Ed Korczak, executive director of the NWFA. "Traditionally, custom floors have been expensive. But with a little imagination, consumers can have a unique floor on a budget."

    Homeowners want unique looks for their carpet, too.

    "Today's shopper is looking for freshness and innovation," said Pam O' Toole, carpet fashion coordinator for Shaw Industries. "The perception of carpet is changing as more styling options with unique textures, patterns and colors are available. There are literally thousands of different 'looks' on the market today."

    The WFCA says many want an "old" look.

    "Rustic, weathered and antique looks are the hottest thing going in hardwood, ceramic and stone ... The old-but-new look surfaces on many varieties of hardwood which display texture with hand carved groves and knots; tiles, reminiscent of linen; and marble, limestone and travertine tumbled and distressed to appear antique," the WFCA says on its website. "Some of the wood manufacturers are even hand beveling and distressing individual planks and then finishing them to achieve the appearance of a century old wood floor. This weathering technique assures no two floors look exactly alike."

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