Replacing A Dishwasher

MATERIALS: Air gap, drain hose, hose clamps, wire nuts, flexible copper tubing and compression fittings, drain tailpiece with inlet

TOOLS: Level, power drill, hole saw, screwdriver, adjustable wrench, tubing cutter

A dishwasher will clean your plates and glasses, and your countertop as well—by eliminating stacks of dirty dishes on display. Measure your space to find out what size you need. Most dishwashers are 18 or 24 inches wide. Many dishwashers are designed to drain directly into the garbage disposer while others drain through an air gap that prevents a clogged drain from backing up into the dishwasher. Take a look at the yellow Energy Guide label for the model’s efficiency rating. The lower the number, the less energy the dishwasher will use over a one-year period.

1 CONNECT THE LINES. Slide the dishwasher into place. Level it by adjusting the threaded feet. (Check the door. When level, it will open and close smoothly.) When level, tighten the locknuts. Align the mounting brackets with the counter. Follow the manufacturer's directions to connect the supply tubing to the dishwasher solenoid. Simplify the job by using braided, flexible tubing made for dishwasher supply.

2 INSTALL THE DRAIN LINE. Connect the drain line to the dishwasher outlet using hose clamps. Measure the hose and cut it to length so that it connects to the tailpiece inlet under the sink. Connect the hose to the inlet with another hose clamp. If local codes require an air gap, install one using the manufacturer's instructions.

3 HOOK UP THE POWER. Match the wires: white to white, black to black, and connect the green to the ground screw. If the colors are different, read the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting the wires. Connect the wires with wire nuts. Plug the power supply cord into an electrical outlet installed under the sink cabinet. Run the dishwasher through a test cycle to make sure it works properly.

INSTALLING AN AIR GAP - Some local codes require an air gap between the dishwasher and the disposer. Mount the air gap in the countertop; if there is an extra hole available in the sink, mount it there. Connect a 5/8-inch drain hose to the 1/2-inch leg of the air gap with a hose clamp. Attach a 7/8 inch hose to the 3/4 inch leg of the air gap. Make sure there are no low spots or kinks in either hose.

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