Color speaks to us, all we have to do is listen.

What if by changing the colors in your kitchen you could change the emotional well-being of your entire family?

Scientists and psychologists have done research over the past several decades into what is known as color therapy, though even thousands of years ago the Egyptians and Greeks were delving into this practice. They have found that certain colors evoke emotions and moods within us, aid in the recollection of memory, and can even have healing effects on our bodies.

How is this possible? According to WholeHeathMD.com, "The different colors we see in the world around us are the result of the eye perceiving light vibrating at different frequencies." And those varying vibrations have varied effects on our bodies. Can you tell what effect this blue square has on you? Does it excite or calm you?

In this way, by becoming aware of the effect color can have on our bodies, we can tailor our surroundings to benefit the well-being of ourselves and our family. Perhaps you have experienced a loss in the family recently. You may consider incorporating more purple items, be it flowers or artwork or fabrics, into your home. Research has shown that purple has healing effects on our emotions and helps us to deal with changes. (Click here for a quick quiz on how colors are affecting you today.)

There are some universal standards, colors that have a certain effect on the majority of the population:

ColorEmotionsEffects on Health
Redspassion and energyhelps with amnesia
Yellowsjoy and concentrationheals digestive ailments
Greenssecurity and natureheals the heart
Bluespeace and organizationre-energizes
Violetstransformation and creativityemotional healing
Pinks affectionincreased sensitivity
Brownsdetermination and financial awareness
Torquoisesopen communicationheals allergies and immune system issues

You can incorporate your chosen color scheme into your life very easily. While paint is the most obvious way of changing the color of a room, don't forget that simply changing chair cushions, throw pillows, or pieces of art can have an enormous effect on your family. Consider bringing your healing colors into your kitchen through:

  • Live plants
  • Cushions
  • Artwork
  • Pillows
  • Borders
  • Placemats
  • Dishes

Also consider when introducing new colors into your kitchen that different colors suppress (violet) and conversely increase (yellow) appetites. Colors can even make food appear more appetizing!

To help you decide what colors you want to use in your kitchen (or any room for that matter), visit sites such as About.com or do more in-depth research on your own. There is an abundance of literature and books on the subject at your local bookstore or library.

If you don't buy into the ideal of "healing with color," that's okay too, maybe changing the colors in your kitchen would just be a nice change.

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