It's the least favorite thing for many sellers, packing up their homes and relocating to a new home or even a new state.

Most people associate moving with stress but it doesn't have to take the thrill of moving into a new home away. Preparation and careful planning can not only ward off the stress but also save you money.

Here are some quick tips to help you move out of your old home and into your new one with ease and comfort.

Get organized. Moves are often a chaotic mess. Very often the sale goes through and sellers scramble to get their belongings packed up and loaded into the trucks. Then when they get to their new home, there isn't a trace of organization.

Boxes that were hurriedly jammed with stuff are in disarray and unpacking them seems like more work than it's worth. This is often how people end up with duplicate irons, toasters, coffeemakers. In their frustration of being unable to locate a necessary item from the boxes, some opt to just purchase another.

Instead, color-code the boxes and mark in bold pen their contents. Start with one room and fill the box with only items from that room, for instance, the kitchen. Then, even if the box isn't stuffed, move to another room and use a new color-coded box to fill with its belongings.

If you're using movers, give them instructions to place the color-coded and marked boxes in the appropriate rooms. This saves so much time, energy, and hassle when unpacking or searching for items for that particular room.

It may seem like a lot of work to do this in the beginning, but unpacking and moving boxes that you have no idea what's inside, is far worse and a much longer process.

Sell what you don't need.

A common mistake sellers make in moving is to bring with them the stuff that they plan to get rid of in the future. If you're using professional movers, this will cost you more. If you're doing it yourself, it's just plain silly to haul that which you intend to get rid of into a new home.

Again, this requires some planning. But you know that you're selling your home, so start going through the rooms and setting up piles of the items that you plan to get rid of. Garage sales can help you unload some unwanted materials quickly. Also, sites like eBay or even shops that place your items on consignment can be worth it. Then, of course, you can simply make a deduction to a non-profit charity and just take the tax deduction.

The main point here is to use the move to unload the clutter. Do this before you list your home and your real estate agent will thank you. Clearing out the stuff helps buyers see the real beauty and value of your home. And, when it comes time to move, you'll be glad you're not simply taking unwanted stuff over to clutter your new home.

Appliance handling tips. If you're moving big appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers, be sure to wipe them down and clean them out carefully. These items can get very smelly in the move. If you use a damp cloth and vinegar, it can help keep the refrigerator smelling fresh. Make sure you dry the inside completely before moving the refrigerator.

Moving mirrors? Be sure to tape them in a criss-cross pattern. So, if the mirror should break, it will be easier to clean up. Do not place anything breakable in your drawers. Even if you think, it's in the sweater drawer, so it should be okay. Don't risk it. Instead, pack breakables with delicate items in the appropriate packaging material and mark the box fragile.

Have what you absolutely need handy. Create a basket or bin and folder to hold important papers. The bin will house the items that you need with you at all times. It is super easy to lose sight of the things that matter most during a move. This is when you frantically are looking for your daily medicine, your necessary paperwork or the health records for boarding your pets.

Meticulous planning will make your move smooth so that you can enjoy your new home and not spending hours or even days searching for misplaced items.

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