It is many people's least favorite thing to do, but moving is inevitable for most. Now a new company on the Internet aims to take the craziness, headaches, and worry out of relocating.

Banana Moving is hoping that website users will find visits to their Internet site fruitful. The company's goal is to centralize, in one convenient place; all the information and resources that consumers need to help them relocate. From finding a real estate agent to finding movers, painters, or even locksmiths -- the staff at bananamoving.com wants to be the source for consumers' every move.

Alice McCarney founded the company this year after not being able to find the right assistance online. "I had to move three times last year and realized there was a huge void in the relocation & real estate industry."

All the relocating information and resource contacts are available free to consumers. Banana Moving charges its vendors to advertise on their website. There are several different ways a vendor can advertise. One of the most popular methods is lead generation.

"[Vendors] receive leads from us. We advertise Banana Moving and then we give them the option of receiving qualified leads from us from people who are actually relocating and need services. [The vendor] receives all the [consumer] information after the customer has filled out the application," says Anna Reed, Vice President of Marketing for the company.

The consumer can also use a method on the website's navigation system to make quick contact. By entering a contact telephone number you can have a vendor contact you nearly instantly.

Some of the most useful pages and tools include: the message board (a place where visitors can buy, sell, and share moving information), the pricing quote tools (visitors can receive various pricing quotes from vendors to comparison shop), and the automotive transport assistance. The website reminds consumers to not only shop for the best deal when it comes to transporting a car but also to make sure that they remember to inquire about accident insurance, damage insurance, and cancellation policies. Also, factors such as the season the vehicle is being shipped, gas prices, geographical destination, and make, model, and year of the car all influence the price.

Relocation articles are another benefit the website has to offer. Reed says you can find information on: "What to do before the move, what to do after the move, what to do when you're looking for a real estate broker."

Relocating doesn't have to be a nightmare. Now, with a few clicks of a mouse, Reed says you can get answers and help to make the move as simple as possible.

If you're gearing up for a big move, here are a few tips from the website to get you packed up safely:

  • Use special packing materials including boxes designed for appropriate items. For instance small boxes are best suited for heavy items such as canned goods, cds, office supplies, etc. Large boxes are best suited for lighter items including pillows, towels, and sheets.
  • Use a dishpack box to transport your fragile dishes. The box has extra thick walls and double backing to securely transport your china.
  • Use narrow boxes for mirrors and framed pictures. A wardrobe box with a metal bar will keep your clothing organized and make the move less of a hassle.
  • Always have handy: Ziplock bags, bubble wrap, PVC tape, and a heavy-duty marker (Sharpie).
  • Make sure you do not pack your medicines, credit cards, necessary paperwork for your move, cell phone, maps, and anything else that you will need to easily access.
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Moving is a real hassle and a lot of stress if you don't have a good, honest moving company. Our friends hired a low budget mover and they ended up spending far more due to legal disputes they had with the move and items broken or missing.