New life-size furniture templates save consumers time and money

Plan A Space successfully and simply solves the inconveniences most everyone has experienced when moving or buying furniture – will it fit against this wall, will the room look too cluttered, what arrangement complements the room best? With Plan A Space, homeowners, renters and interior designers alike can retire their 1/4 inch scale drawings and take the guess work out of finding the best configuration for a room, and instead use life-size templates to get a more accurate feel for furniture arrangement.

Each Plan A Space package comes with life-size, reusable 'footprints" to replicate the actual size and shape of sofas, tables, chairs, beds, cribs, etc. before consumers make an expensive purchase and are left with a piece that doesn’t fit in their home.

Plan A Space templates are made from a 60 lb. heavy-duty white paper, pre-printed to standard furniture dimensions. The templates are durable enough to be reused, yet flexible enough to be folded should consumers need to adjust specific dimensions. Once cut or folded to the appropriate size, the templates are placed on the floor and arranged and rearranged until the perfect fit is found! No more moving a dresser a dozen times or assuming the furniture can be forced to fit into the space, just an accurate representation of the space to avoid extra costs and unnecessary labor.

Once the perfect layout is determined, the templates are replaced by the furniture and consumers can begin enjoying their newly furnished space immediately! The templates are rolled and stored in their original tube packaging until the next furniture purchase, the next move or a simple rearrangement is needed.

Available spaces include Living Spaces, Dining Spaces, Sleeping Spaces, Media Spaces, Baby Spaces and Wall Spaces to help consumers accurately arrange every room in the home! Each Plan A Space retails for $29.99 and is available online at www.PlanASpace.com.

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