Lancaster, CA is tops when it comes to the number of people putting down stakes versus those pulling them up, but Atlanta, GA is the nation's top go-to town for households moving more than 50 miles, according to two annual U-Haul International, Inc. reports released last week.

U-Haul's "2001 Top 50 Growth Cities," a national migration-trend report reflecting the nation's top growth areas for families who used U-Haul carriers and moved during 2001, says for the second year in a row, Lancaster had the highest percentage of growth, with 29.5 percent more families moving into the area than out. Lancaster had seen a steady climb over the past few years, rising from number nine in 1998 to third place in 1999.

"The report, reflective of growth patterns of the United States during 2001, was compiled based on nationwide trends in cities of all sizes and reflects communities with more than 5,000 families moving in or out of the area," said John Taylor, U-Haul executive vice president."

"Growth cities were then determined by calculating the percentage of inbound moves versus outbound moves for each area," he said.

Since 1945 U-Haul has assisted 150 million moves. The 2001 Top 50 Growth Cities report was compiled from more than 1.7 million U-Haul hauls between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2001.

U-Haul's 2001 Top 10 Growth Cities

1 Lancaster, CA 29.52%
2 Fort Walton Beach, FL 18.65%
3 Boise, ID 15.40%
4 Temecula, CA 15.14%
5 Redding, CA 14.74%
6 Panama City, FL 14.19%
7 Bloomington, IN 14.03%
8 Bryan, TX 13.58%
9 Indianapolis, IN 12.99%
10 Gulfport, MS 8.70%

Source: U-Haul International, Inc.

Top destinations

U-Haul's "2001 Top 50 Destination Cities," is a national migration trend report of 1.7 million U-Haul movers moving more than 50 miles to any city in the nation, regardless of size. The data is not stated as a percentage of population and is not reflective of overall growth, U-Haul says.

U-Haul's 2001 Top 10 Destination Cities

Rank City
1 Atlanta, GA
2 Dallas, TX
3 Houston, TX
4 New York, NY
5 Las Vegas, NV
6 San Diego, CA
7 Phoenix, CA
8 Los Angeles, CA
9 Sacramento, CA
10 Nashville, TN

Source: U-Haul International, Inc.

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