Keeping in touch with friends and family after a move can be difficult.

It's easy after a move to become quickly involved in activities, becoming so busy that a week or more can pass without us talking to even the oldest of friends. Just remember that although you have moved on the new and exciting things, there are loved ones you have left behind.

Here are three quick and simple ways for you to keep in contact with your loved ones:

Emails and Egreetings
Keep in contact by writing emails. I recommend setting up a "correspondence routine" of sorts. If Sundays are your least busy days, then set aside 30 minutes on that day each week to write emails to family and friends.

Mention what new developments there are in your life, perhaps tell a funny anecdote from your week, and be sure to ask how they have been.

If you are are really crunched for time, try what is popular among college students: the "update" email, in which the writer sends one mass email to all of their friends and family, so that even if they don't have the time to write 50 separate emails, those they care about still hear from them on a semi-regular basis.

Also, consider sending Egreetings. There are numerous websites that offer these free online greeting cards. Send them for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or simply to say hello. You can Google the phrase "free egreetings," or visit a site I have used called 123greetings.

Handwritten Notes
Another option is traditional letter writing. These don't have to be pages long. Even a few handwritten lines can carry a lot of emotion. Get into the habit of writing a traditional, handwritten letter every weekend to one of your loved ones. The only cost will be the 37 cent stamp (for now).

Phone Calls
This is the most time consuming of the three options, but it can also be the most satisfying. Keep in mind that many cell phones now offer unlimited minutes on nights and weekends and many long distance carriers have plans that allow for unlimited long distance at a set fee.

If you plan on keeping in touch by phone, I would recommend being sure you have some sort of phone plan that allows you either unlimited long distance or a considerable amount of minutes. You should never have to make the decision not to call a loved one simply because it will cost too much.

So remember, keeping in touch after a move can be difficult, but with just a few minutes, clicking on the "send" button or pressing the stamp onto the envelope, you and your loved ones can be a little bit closer.

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