Every year CNNMoney releases a list of the top 100 places to live in the U.S. Did your city make the list? Keep reading to find out.

  • Topping the list for 2011 was Louisville, Colorado. In today’s age of post-recession economics, this mountain town boasts low sales tax and positive figures in job growth, at 3.09 percent. This city boasts jobs in tech, telecom, aerospace, clean energy, and health care. During the time you’re not working in one of the growing industries, there are tons of outdoors activities to be had.

  • Are you looking for a city that has held steady home prices since 2005? This rare find is the city of Milton, Massachusetts, home to 27,000 residents. This city boasts a lower than average unemployment rate (6 percent) and beautiful schools. CNN notes, however, that you must be prepared for some high taxes to live in this top city.

  • Top schools are the name of the game in the number three city of Solon, Ohio. The unemployment rate is closer to the national average, but this city makes up for that in culture and a median family income of $110,762.

  • Leesburg, Virginia, is a town with a rich history. It’s residents enjoy a relatively close proximity to many government jobs. The unemployment rate is low. CNN reports, though, that some neighborhoods are a bit run-down and commutes can be lengthy.

  • This small town in the heart of the Midwest is a great place to call home. Papillion, Nebraska, has a new baseball stadium, new retail and restaurants, good schools, as well as lots of fresh air and green space. With just 18,000 neighbors you’re sure to have plenty of room to stretch your legs.

  • At just 8,600 residents, Hanover, New Hampshire, is the home of Dartmouth College and has an unemployment rate lower than most areas of the nation. Housing comes at a premium cost for this collegiate town, however.

  • Liberty, Missouri, is a quick commute to Kansas City and all its hustle and bustle. This charming town has great schools and is home to William Jewel College. Job growth is near 12 percent and the median household income is $77,429.

  • Some big businesses call Middleton, Wisconsin, home and so can you! Steady employment, charming architecture, and lots of outdoor spaces make this small town a real pleasure.

  • Located happily on Puget Sound this west coast wonder offers affordable housing and such big corporate names as Boeing. Mukilteo (pronounced MUCK-ill-TEE-oh) has seen a smaller portion of distressed homes for sale than many areas of the country meaning home prices are holding more steady.

  • Lots of jobs and lots of natural spaces are the name of the game in Chanhassen, Minnesota. CNN reports that this small city boasts nature galore in the form of "34 parks, 11 lakes, and the enormous Minnesota Landscape Arboretum."

    To see the remaining 90 cities on the 2011 list be sure to visit this link.

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