Showing your home has never been easier thanks to today’s expert tips. Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways to prep your home for a sure-fire sale.


  • Clean: This initial step makes perfect sense. A home should be shown to its best advantage. You want buyers to see your flawless finishes and awesome architecture. You don’t want them distracted by dust bunnies.


  • Clean Deeper!Okay, everyone has a different definition of what "clean" means. For some its means picking up clutter, washing dirty dishes, and vacuuming the carpet. When it comes to showings, however, clean means much more. Stage one is sweeping, dusting, and picking up. Stage two takes things deeper. Deep clean your home from top to bottom and inside out. Wash windows and screens, power wash sidewalks, shampoo carpets, degrease cabinets, etc.


  • Scentsational!Buyers experience a home with more than just their eyes. They also experience it with their noses. Cleaning should take care of some of the odors that live in your home, but take it one step further with Glade Plug-ins, Febreze, and scented candles.


  • Landscaping Matters: It really does. Your curb appeal is your home’s first impression. Trim trees, add fresh mulch to flower beds, and set out a few potted plants of blooming annuals.


  • Update Colors: Does your home exude your personal taste and personality? That’s great for day to day living. It’s not so great for showings. Buyers want to see neutral palettes where they can imagine their own touches. If you have a particularly "loud" room then it might be time to get out the brushes and rollers and paint on a new coat of color.


  • Stage Areas: Staging is the icing on the cake. It’s a finishing touch that can take a room from good to great. Look at each room with new eyes. You may need to rearrange furniture, remove furniture, and buy a few new accessories. Throw pillows and a few decorative touches can take a room to the next level.


  • Add Life: There’s no better way to make a home feel alive than to add houseplants and fresh-cut flowers. Add these touches to every room of the house.


  • Repairs: Most every home on the market has minor repairs to be made. Take the time to fix minor issues. These can be real distractions to buyers.


  • Lock up Valuables: This won’t make your home sell any faster, but it’s a great tip for all homeowners. Yes, your agent will be present during a showing but they won’t be able to watch a prospective buyer's every move. Lock away jewelry, cash, wallets, and any other valuables that could easily "walk" away.


  • Get out of Dodge: This final tip can make a big difference. Some sellers feel the urge to stick around while buyers are looking at their home. Resist the urge! Go out for a coffee or a trip to the store. Your agent will keep you posted. Buyers don’t want to feel a seller watching them. They want the freedom to talk openly and to take their time.


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