After years of watching how real estate leads are won and lost online, Real Estate-Realtor Times founder Jody Lane thought he had it all figured out: Web pages have value, lead generation products such as school reports can work, affiliating with national listings sites can work, but what successful brokers and agents must have is one vital ingredient -- contacts.

"Web sites are passive," says Lane. "To make a real estate business or any other business grow, you have to be active. You have to go for it."

That means that the agent must be proactive by developing and maintaining a strong contact "farm."

"That's why Web sites alone don't work," says Lane. "The agent expects that the Web site will do their farming for them."

What's better?

"Working a farm where you are the expert," says Lane. And the only way to do that is to stay in personal contact with prospects and past clients.

Using consumer stories from Real Estate-Realtor Times, Lane created the Real Estate Update, a monthly newsletter for real estate agents that they use to get more business. Agents realized they could use the newsletter as an inexpensive way to stay in touch with past clients, as well as nurture notoriously-shy buyers. After all, these same buyers and sellers used the Internet to do research -- so why not use the Internet to reach them?

Soon, thousands of agents opted for an advertising-free version priced at only $200.00 a year. This publication allowed agents to put their own information, including current market data, articles and listings before consumers in a fast and inexpensive manner. Contacts established and maintained through the newsletter were between the subscriber and consumers -- Real Estate-Realtor Times did not come between the realty professional and his or her prospective clients.

Soon, Lane was getting requests from mortgage brokers and other professionals asking Real Estate-Realtor Times to design similar newsletters for their industries. A natural evolution was to expand into mortgage banking and financial services, so now Real Estate-Realtor Times is launching its newest newsletter, a monthly product for mortgage brokers--The Financial Wire.

This monthly newsletter offers cutting-edge technology including a built-in print version that allows subscribers to print out one-page stories with their picture and contact information in the header for use as handouts and mailouts.

This new contact and lead capture tool features stories by experienced journalists covering market conditions, interest rates, and general home owner interest.

"There's every reason to believe that with The Financial Wire mortgage professionals will have the same success as our Real Estate Update customers have enjoyed," says Lane.

The Financial Wire is available on a subscription basis at $295 per year to mortgage professionals.

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