Real Estate-Realtor Times announces that the Real Estate Electronic Publishing Company, doing business as the InternetCrusade(R), have signed a multiple-year contract designating Internet Crusade as a premier distribution partner for Real Estate-Realtor Times' products and services.

"Internet Crusade is excited to be doing something with Real Estate-Realtor Times. We both have the opportunity to talk with real estate professionals every day," says Saul Klein, president of Internet Crusade. "One thing we talk about consistently is using the Internet as a tool, and so does Real Estate-Realtor Times.

"We have been using Real Estate-Realtor Times' Real Estate Update (customizable electronic newsletter) as an example of a nice product that Realtors can use to stay in contact with their farm. We think Real Estate-Realtor Times and their products bring value to the industry."

John Giaimo, vice president of business development for Real Estate-Realtor Times says, "The Internet Crusade offers technology solutions to Realtors, including advanced e-mail and Web hosting products, making them a preferred partner for our Real Estate Update newsletter and new lead generation product, Market Conditions."

Founded by real estate educators, Internet Crusade has a mission to drive Realtors to the Internet. The company hosts over 45,000 domains and 5,000 full-featured e-mail accounts, and it is the official domain name provider for NAR and its members. Founders Klein and his partners John Reilly and Mike Barnett address over 30,000 Realtors annually at NAR-sponsored conventions.

The Internet Crusade is also known among Realtors as an online community provider, offering over 100 listservs™ serving about 18,000 real estate professionals daily.

The company became more well known with the announcement that it is the new technology solutions provider for the NAR's e-PRO Internet-readiness certification program, a dream long come true for Klein.

"We had the first proposal to train Realtors prior to RIN falling apart, and we called it RIN-certified Realtors," recalls Klein. "Then when Realtor.com popped up and rolled the web marketing side away, NAR decided to do the education side. We were in the mix. While we didn't win the contract the first two times, we did get it the third time around."

"We developed our own solutions to develop the communication side of the Internet while others concentrated more on marketing," says Klein. "We believe in newsletters as a contact tool (such as the Real Estate Update) because it creates opportunity. You have to touch people, and reach out on a regular basis, and that is the benefit to clients."

"Information is the currency of the 21st century, and if you are providing value, you will get the client every five to eight years, and their referrals. We have looked for an online newsletter that we could recommend, and we are very careful about who we affiliate with or endorse. Lots of people come to us and want us to take them to market, so we are careful about recommending new products. Now we have a product that fits the bill, that reaches the community, and allows agents the ability to customize and add a personal touch, and even better, this product is from a reputable company - Real Estate-Realtor Times."

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