WASHINGTON (May 15, 2003) – The National Association of Realtors is pleased to announce the first safety product to be selected for NAR’s initiative on improving REALTOR safety. The newest REALTOR VIP Alliance Program partner, Mobile Callback(tm,) is a personal safety service designed to work by mobile phone and provide Realtors with an added level of security.

With the Mobile Callback system, Realtors can receive pre-arranged calls on their mobile phones to monitor their location and well-being. The system is particularly helpful at open houses, home showings, and in other cases where safety is a concern. Mobile Callback can map the user’s coordinates and automatically call local emergency centers if a hazardous situation arises.

When an agent changes location, it just takes seconds to call the system to report the new information. The Mobile Callback system determines the correct emergency number to call and records that information in its database. If a call from the system is not answered, Mobile Callback alerts the appropriate local emergency unit.

“Real estate professionals, as a part of their business, have to spend time with people they don’t know, and sometimes their personal safety is an issue. Mobile Callback is a flexible and easy-to-use product built especially for Realtors to provide them with a higher level of safety and security,” said Bob Goldberg, NAR senior vice president of marketing and business development and head of the REALTOR VIP Alliance Program.

“By promoting the fact that you are being monitored, potential troubles can be averted,” Goldberg said. Goldberg said that Mobile Callback is one in a series of products to come, demonstrating NAR’s commitment to Realtor safety. NAR, with a team of industry experts, is developing a comprehensive safety kit that state and local Realtor associations will receive later this summer to launch REALTOR Safety Week in September, he said. NAR’s full safety initiative began in 2002 with the release of a REALTOR Safety Video, and continues with multimedia approach throughout 2003 and beyond.

"Until now, personal security options have been limited and sometimes impractical. Mobile Callback provides you with an unbeatable sense of security. If you need help and cannot call 911, Mobile Callback calls for you. Our system can recognize and respond to an emergency in just minutes. It’s inexpensive, user-friendly, and goes with you whenever and wherever you need it," said Jody D. Lane, president of Real Estate-Realtor Times

Mobile Callback, owned by Real Estate-Realtor Times, was introduced at the NAR Midyear Meetings today. The product is available to NAR members as well as to NAR, state and local Realtor association staff and families at a 10 percent discount off activation and monthly fees. The activation fee is $50 and the monthly fee is $21.95. The service, available 24/7, is month-to-month and there is no long-term contract.

To order or to find out more information about Mobile Callback, visit https://mobilecallback.com or call 877/353-6980. To learn more about NAR’s REALTOR Safety Initiative, call Information Central at 800/874-6500.

NAR members enjoy the benefits of NAR’s REALTOR VIP Program, which is designed to help Realtors gain the advantages of group buying power, plan for the future, and expand their professional knowledge through its more than 50 publications and educational offerings. The more than 35 REALTOR VIP strategic alliance partners, which make up the program, are leaders in their industries and committed to providing NAR members with special offerings tailored to their needs.

The National Association of Realtors, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing approximately 880,000 members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

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