Middlesex County towns which offer quick commuter access to Boston are experiencing rising prices.


"The market in Arlington is still a very strong seller's market fueled by great interest rates," says Realtor Dawn Marshall ( Luxury Real Estate Dining Rooms Homes, Condos, Mansions and Estates Photo Gallery ).


Says RealtorAnn Landau , "If you yearn for small town life this close to Boston, the historical town of Bedford is it! Home to Middlesex Community College, Bedford offers modern school facilities for children. Both new construction and older homes here and bigger lots for the price than neighboring towns.

Landau advises, "Buyers may find a bigger home for the money or more land for the money than in Lexington or Concord. It is important to obtain a preapproval letter (not just a prequalification letter) to submit with any offer. Sellers are not interested in offers subject to the sale of another home.


"Waltham is a Boston suburb that abuts Lexington, Watertown, Lincoln, Weston, Newton and is in Middlesex County," explains Landau. "Waltham is a city of many constituencies. The City fosters many ways for immigrants to adapt to life here. The Waltham Library is outstanding and in a newly renovated building downtown. Farmers market every week in season. Excellent restaurants abound. High tech companies and hotels bring business and tax money to the city, which is well located near Rts. 128 and 2. There is a wide price range of condo choices.

"Although the price range is lower than the tonier suburbs with whom Waltham shares borders, the market here is still very active. This is the town where immigrants and/or first time buyers, singles, newlyweds, whatever... get a start. Another market here is the buyer who is downsizing from a large home in a higher priced community and wants a spacious condo."

Chelmsford Realtor Mary E Gilmartin says, "My marketplace includes small towns hugging the New Hampshire border to cities with easy access to Boston. Whether you want to smell the roses and watch the stars in a rural setting or hop into a cab and head for a restaurant or theater, you'll find a home that fits your needs. Now, about the price...single family home prices range from about $200,000 to a million+. In the lower price range it is still a seller's Market. In the higher price range it is changing to a buyer's market.

Gilmartin explains, "Last September's events brought real estate sales to an abrupt halt, but only for a short time. Amazingly, buyer confidence returned and 2002 has been a very good year for home sales. If you bought a home last year and want to sell it this year for a higher price, odds are you can. So prices are generally up...and generally, it is still a seller's market. But, we really have two markets: Owners of high priced homes are finding that it is a buyer's market. Location and property condition are not issues for these homes, but the number of homes for sale and the high prices are producing a lot of negotiating at the top of the market.

She advises, "In the moderate price range, buyers are being demanding. With steep prices comes high buyer expectations. Buyers expect the home they purchase to be in good condition inside and out, no major problems and very few minor problems. If you want to sell your home, the first thing to do is get some good advice on "presenting" your home to buyers. A small investment may produce a significant profit, a large investment may not be recouped. Get good advice! At the low end of the market, sales are fast and at or near the asking price. At this level it is definitely a seller's market that is being fueled by the low interest rates and availability of loans to buyers with low down payments."

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