North of San Diego and along the Pacific coast, the area known as Carlsbad offers high-tech jobs for young families and a beachcomber lifestyle for retirees, say local Realtors.

"Located in coastal north San Diego county, Carlsbad begins as Highway 78 meets Interstate 5 and Old Highway 101," explain Realtors Jim and Kristi ( Expert Home Inspector Checklist House Inspection Checklist ). "Follow the Coast Road south along the beach for a few miles through the newer community of La Costa and you will just begin to see the magic of this resort community.

"Fortune 500 says this is the 3rd best place in America to retire. But don't expect a retirement atmosphere! This city is exciting! With pristine beaches, quaint downtown shopping areas, and high-tech industrial complexes, Carlsbad has something for everyone. Just south, in the La Costa area of Carlsbad, construction is on-going, creating wonderful, brand-new communities, complete with housing, shopping, schools, and friendly neighborhoods. Golf? This the place!"

They advise, "The demand driven strong selling environment continues but with more homes on the market and for longer periods of time" As the number of days on the market seems to be increasing, the pace of price increases is slowing. Going against that trend is the "rapid explosion of condo prices. The homes along the coastal strip and in golf communities continue in high demand. Local market situations can change greatly from one neighborhood to another. "Price adjustments and reductions are appearing" Low interest rates continue."

"This very desirable town is located on the northern coast of San Diego County. (About a 35 minute drive from the city of San Diego. Population is about 85000 and growing. Charming 'Downtown Village Area'," says RealtorJerry Farrow , "Carlsbad is known as the Jewel of North County. Home to Legoland, La Costa Resort and Spa and a large Regional Shopping mall. There is a beautiful lagoon that allows water skiing and boating. Many high-tech industrial parks offer great job opportunities. Housing varies from beach front to wide range of new construction. Charming village area with antique shops, restaurants, etc."

Say Realtors Dennis and Sunshine Smith , "Carlsbad is a growing North San Diego Coastal community with good job availability, high quality of life, good schools & low crime. Also rated one of the best places in the US to retire. The 55+ restricted housing is all Mobile or Modular. A diverse city with a wide variety of homes.

The Smiths advise, "Detached homes starting in the high $300's and Condos starting in the low $200's. The low end of the price range on both is experiencing a good sellers market (rising prices). The higher end in houses is seeing some softening. Low inventory is helping the sellers in condos & lower priced houses. The San Diego area inventory is a little above its lowest since the buying frenzy of April 2000. The extremely low interest rates have encouraged buyers to make decisions. The multiple-offer frenzy of 1997-2000 are still being seen, especially in the low to mid price ranges. We expect it to continue this year."

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