It happens to nearly everyone at some time or another -- the decision to move to a senior-living community. Before making this decision, author and elder care advocate Jacqueline Marcell points out several tips on transitioning to elder care in her piece, "How to Get Loved Ones to Move to Assisted Living."

#1 – Think Safety First. If your elder relative can no longer care for themselves alone -- don't let emotion rule your decision to seek help. If they are no longer safe in their home, take action.

#2 – Consider a Multi-Level Facility. This is the type of housing service that may start with an elder care condominium, but is equipped to handle a situation when the resident needs additional services in case their health declines.

#3 – Get References. Don't just make a decision based on a slick brochure. Find out from friends and acquaintances on a good elder condo facility.

#4 – Ask About Activities. This means more than shuffle board. Activities can help your elder parent's transition easily and with the opportunity for an active lifestyle.

#5 – Finally, Create a Need. It may take time and patience, but start discussing the issue with your parents. You may need to consult with professionals, but it may be a decision that could save a life.

For more information, visit Marcell's website, ElderRage.com or read her complete article on SeniorHousingNet.com.

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