Vacation condo renters are looking for an easy experience during a week on the coast. Investment beach condos can be a good second home, providing income and funds for owners who want a rental they can relax in as well as build wealth. So what can make that little getaway a cash cow? Repeat rentals. Picard Realty Rentals in Orange Beach, Alabama published tips on its website on how to guarantee long-term loyalty from your vacationing tenants.

Forget neutral: Vacationers want color and lot's of it. The Caribbean décor doesn't mean earth tones and vanilla Caribbean look. Make them feel like they are much further away from home than they really are~~on a happy tropical island of fun. Forget beige & earthtones. And remember that the current big fad of Palm Trees and Monkeys will be very 'has been' shortly. Avoid these clichés.

Easy-to-use furniture. This means, don't worry about leaving a ring on the coffee table. Surfaces like glass, formica, slate are all good. Forget wood if you're afraid of the ice tea ring!

Create the Mood. Vacationers want to feel like they're, well, on vacation. People are paying you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to stay in your home for one week. This is not the time to outfit your pad with deals from yard sales.

Stock up. Outfit your condo with plenty of relaxing stuff -- board games, card games, puzzles, books of all genres, will make for a delightful way to relax or if they get caught in a rainy week.

Flooring. Use hard flooring throughout living areas, forget carpeting. Nothing drives a renter more crazy than thinking they've just stepped into a cheap bar with stained carpet. Put the money in the hard fllor surface and cover with replaceable throw rugs.

Finally, let your furniture be as easy to clean as the table top. Wipe clean dining room chairs with an easy to clean surface are much better than an upholstered fabric -- which absorbs everything from morning juice to afternoon suntan lotion.

And don't forget some of the homey feel touches, like a local restaurant menu notebook. Make a Local Restaurant Menu Notebook from a clear pocket front 3-Ring Binder and some clear page protector sleeves. Your guests will REALLY appreciate it and it costs you very little.

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