Installing Wall-Hung And Pedestal Sinks

Installing Wall-Hung Sinks

MATERIALS: Wall-hung sink, mounting bracket, anchor bolts, 2x10 wood blocking, water-resistant drywall scrap, drywall tape and compound, paint, faucets and fittings, drainpipe and fitting, 2x4 brace, silicone caulk

TOOLS: Keyhole saw, hammer, tape measure, carpenter's pencil, power drill and bits, ratchet wrench and sockets, caulking gun, screwdriver, utility knife, rags

Measure the opening in the display model to make sure the new drain lines will meet the ones already in the wall.

1 CUT AWAY A 16x16-INCH SECTION OF DRYWALL AND NAIL OR SCREW THE BLOCKING INTO PLACE. Use a keyhole saw to remove the drywall. Nail the 2x10 between the studs so that it's flush with the leading edge of the studs. Cut a piece of water-resistant drywall to cover the hole. You may be able to use the piece you cut away. Finish the drywall and paint it. Once dry, attach the mounting bracket.

2 PREPARE TO SET THE SINK. Attach the faucet and drain before mounting the sink. Run the supply line with stop valves. Install the drain line and P-trap. Set the sink on the bracket, securing it to the bracket with anchor bolts. Connect the supply line to the faucet, and the drain to the P-trap. Open the valves. Check for leaks. Tighten leaking fittings if necessary. Legs for most wall-mounted sinks are optional.

Installing Pedestal Sinks

1 SET THE BASIN AND PEDESTAL IN PLACE. Install the fixtures and plumbing. Brace the basin with a 2x4. Outline the base of the pedestal on the floor with a pencil. Mark the floor with the location of the holes for the lag screws. Set the basin and pedestal aside. Drill holes in the floor for the lag screws.

2 INSTALL THE PEDESTAL LAG BOLTS, MAKING SURE THEY'RE SNUG. Don't over tighten; you could crack the base. Apply a bead of silicone caulk around the base. Install the faucet, then connect the supply lines and drain before you attach the basin to the wall so you'll have some play to make the hookup.

3 CONNECT THE BASIN TO THE WALL. Predrill a small hole through to the blocking, then insert and alternately tighten the lag screws until just snug—don't over tighten. Caulk the back of the basin with silicone caulk. Remove the brace and test the system for leaks.

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