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0969-co Abandoned Chimneys - Removing
0990-co Abandoned Flue Opening
0824-co Above Ground Exterior Oil Storage Tank
1311-co Absolute and Relative Humidity
1361-co Access Hatch to Attic
1236-co A-coil for Air Conditioner
1726-co Adam Style Home
1936-co Add or Extend Window Wells When Re-grading
1934-co Adding a Drain to a Flat Roof
1365-co Adding Insulation - Risks
1760-co Additions to Masonry - Toothed-In
1031-co Add-on Wood Furnace Divider Plate Method
1030-co Add-on Wood Furnace Downstream Series
0244-co Adfreezing
0245-co Adfreezing and Deck Piers
1010-co Adjacent Metal Chimneys of Different Heights
1040-co Advanced Combustion Wood Stoves
1332-co Air Barrier versus Vapor Barrier
0869-co Air Bleed Valves on Radiators - Do not Operate
1310-co Air Changes - Balanced

Air Conditioning

1236-co ----- A-coil
1262-co ----- Air Return Outside Room
1238-co ----- Attic Evaporator Coil

1200-co-1216-co ----- Basics
1242-co ----- Capillary Tube Defects 1215-co

1215-co ----- Central versus Ductless
1263-co ----- Close Humidifier Damper
1239-co ----- Coil Upstream of Heat Exchanger

1204-co-and-1223-co-1230-co ----- Compressor

1223-co ----- ----- Do not Test When Cold
1269-co ----- ----- Life
1229-co ----- ----- Scroll
1230-co ----- ----- Scroll versus Standard
1225-co ----- ----- Slugging
1224-co ----- ----- Wait Before Restarting

----- Condensate

1246-co ----- ----- Discharge Locations
1244-co ----- ----- from Attic Evaporator Coil
1247-co ----- ----- Pump

1243-co-1247-co ----- ----- System

----- Condenser

1231-co-1233-co ----- ----- Coil
1205-co ----- ----- Coil Exhausting Hot Air Outside
1253-co ----- ----- Coil Location
1232-co ----- ----- Dryer Vent too Close
1252-co ----- ----- Fan
1226-co ----- ----- Out of Level
1212-co ----- ----- Units - Inspecting
1231-co ----- ----- Water Heater Exhaust Fan too Close
1210-co ----- Discharging Condensate
1216-co ----- Ductless System

1219-co-and-1256-co-1264-co ----- Duct System
1261-co ----- Ducts in Concrete Floor Slabs

1267-co-1272-co ----- Evaporative Coolers

1271-co ----- ----- Single-Stage
1272-co ----- ----- Two-Stage

1236-co-1242-co ----- Evaporator Coil

1202-co ----- ----- Collecting Hot Air inside the House
1240-co ----- ----- Inspection Procedure
1254-co ----- Evaporator Fan
1227-co ----- Excess Electric Current Draw
1207-co ----- Expansion Devices - Cooling Hot Liquid Freon
1255-co ----- Fan Belt and Pulley or Adjustment
1249-co ----- Filter-Dryer for Refrigerant
1265-co ----- Flexible Ductwork
1203-co ----- Freon Gas goes Outside
1256-co ----- General Rule for Ductwork Adequacy
1221-co ----- Guessing the Capacity
1201-co ----- Heat Transfer at the Inside Coil
1259-co ----- High and Low Returns
1211-co ----- High Pressure and Low Pressure Sides
1206-co ----- Hot Liquid Back to House
1218-co ----- How Much Area Can One Ton Cool
1219-co ----- Larger Ducts Required
1209-co ----- Latent Heat of Vaporization
1243-co ----- Leaking Condensate Tray
1251-co ----- Leaking Refrigerant Lines
1222-co ----- Measure Temperature Drop Across Coil
1258-co ----- Modern Ductwork
1200-co ----- Moving Heat from Inside to Outside
1228-co ----- No Electrical Shut Off
1257-co ----- Older Style Ductwork
1217-co ----- One Ton of Cooling

1248-co-1251-co ----- Refrigerant Lines
1208-co ----- Schematic
1250-co ----- Sight Glass for Refrigerant
1237-co ----- Slab Coil
1260-co ----- Testing Air Returns

----- Thermostat

1268-co ----- ----- Location
1266-co ----- ----- Mercury Bulb
1267-co ----- ----- Snap Action
1241-co ----- Thermostatic Expansion Valve
1245-co ----- Trap Required in Condensate Line
1264-co ----- Vapor Barriers and Air Conditioning Ductwork

----- Water Cooled

1235-co ----- ----- Missing Backflow Preventer
1214-co ----- ----- Schematic
1234-co ----- ----- Testing

1016-co-and-1017-co Air Damper Arrangement for Wood Furnaces
0784-co Air Filter Orientation and Forced Air Heating Systems

0784-co-0787-co Air Filters and Air Cleaners for Forced Air Heating Systems
0790-co Air Flow through Humidifier

Air Gap

1551-co ----- Dishwasher
1546-co ----- in Plumbing
0278-co Air Gaps at Ends of Wood Beams

Air Leakage

1338-co ----- Potlights
1373-co ----- Locations

Air Return

1262-co ----- Outside Room for Air Conditioning
0800-co ----- Outside Rooms
1260-co ----- in Ductwork - Testing
0871-co Air Separators on Boiler
0877-co Air Temperature Sensor - Outdoor for Boiler
1100-co Air Vents on Steam Heating Systems
1372-co Air-Vapor Barrier Incomplete or Wrong Locations

1332-co-1340-co Air-Vapor Barriers
1281-co All Electric Heat Pump System
0093-co Alligatoring in Flat Roofs
0060-co Alternate Application for Metal Valley Flashings
0111-co Alternative Attachment Method for Counter Flashing
1910-co Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Gutters - Identifying
0606-co Aluminum Wire
1346-co Amount of Attic Ventilation
1148-co Amp Meter Testing of Electric Furnace

0504-co-and-1132-co Amperage Equals Current Flow
0225-co Analyzing Crack Size
0284-co Anchor Spacing for Wall Sill
0424-co Anchoring Roofs to Walls
0229-co Anchors - Helical
0281-co Anchors for Wall Sills
1559-co Anode - Sacrificial for Water Heaters
0767-co Anticipator on Thermostat - Variable
0724-co Appliance Connectors for Gas


----- Central Vacuum Systems

2114-co ----- ----- Components
2115-co ----- ----- Defects
0978-co ----- Chimney Height Above
1322-co ----- Direct Vent - House Air Pressure

----- Dishwashers

2108-co ----- ----- Components
2109-co ----- ----- Defects
2124-co ----- Doorbells

----- Dryers

2120-co ----- ----- Electric Dryer Components
2121-co ----- ----- Electric Dryer Defects
2122-co ----- ----- Gas Dryer Components
2123-co ----- ----- Gas Dryer Defects

----- Exhaust Fans

2106-co ----- ----- Components
2107-co ----- ----- Defects

----- Microwave Ovens

2104-co ----- ----- Components
2105-co ----- ----- Defects

----- Ranges

2100-co ----- ----- Electric Range Components
2101-co ----- ----- Electric Range Defects
2102-co ----- ----- Gas Range Components
2103-co ----- ----- Gas Range Defects

----- Refrigerators

2116-co ----- ----- Components
2117-co ----- ----- Defects

----- Trash Compactors

2112-co ----- ----- Components
2113-co ----- ----- Defects

----- Washing Machines

2118-co ----- ----- Components
2119-co ----- ----- Defects

----- Waste Disposers

2110-co ----- ----- Components
2111-co ----- ----- Defects


0872-co ----- Primary Control on Boilers
0873-co ----- on Boiler Inoperative
0360-co Arch Outside and Wood Lintel Inside
0418-co Arches - Masonry - Cracking due to Lateral Thrust

0415-co-0421-co Arches and Lintels

1700-co-1743-co Architectural Styles and Details
1709-co Architrave
0549-co Arcing and Sparks - Electrical
0557-co Arrangement of Panel Wires - Electric

Asbestos Cement

0048-co ----- Shingles
1816-co ----- Siding
1089-co Ash Pit for Fireplace
1940-co Asphalt and Concrete Driveways

Asphalt Shingle

0011-co ----- Application - Roofing
0010-co ----- Composition
0018-co ----- Ridges
0017-co ----- Roofing Fastener Problems
1818-co ----- Siding
1818-co ----- Siding - Six Nails per Shingle
0056-co ----- Valley Flashings
1547-co Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
0832-co Atomizing Oil Burner


1361-co ----- Access Hatch
1370-co ----- Ducts
0600-co ----- Electrical Wiring Exposed
1341-co ----- Heat - Reducing with Ventilation
1377-co ----- Power Vents
1364-co ----- Secondary
1362-co ----- Stairwells
1346-co ----- Ventilation - Recommended Amount

1881-co-1885-co Automatic Garage Door Openers
1874-co Automatic Reverse for Garage Door Openers
0815-co Automatic Vent Dampers on Gas Furnaces
0009-co Avalanche Guards - Roofing
1716-co Awning and Hopper Windows

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