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The Basics
----- 1200-co Moving heat from the inside to the outside
----- 1201-co Heat transfer at the inside coil
----- 1202-co Evaporator coil - collecting hot air inside the house
----- 1203-co The Freon gas goes outside
----- 1204-co Compressors - heating up Freon gas
----- 1205-co Condenser coil - exhausting hot air to the outside
----- 1206-co Hot liquid back to the house
----- 1207-co Expansion devices - cooling hot liquid Freon
----- 1208-co Air conditioning - schematic of system
----- 1209-co Latent heat of vaporization
----- 1210-co Discharging condensate
----- 1211-co High pressure and low pressure sides
----- 1212-co Inspecting the condenser unit
----- 1213-co Air conditioning - schematic of system
----- 1214-co Water-cooled air conditioning - schematic of system
----- 1217-co One ton of cooling
----- 1218-co How much area can one ton cool
----- 1219-co Larger ducts are required for air conditioning
----- 1220-co Bigger is not better
----- 1221-co Guessing the size
----- 1222-co Measure temperature drop across inside coil
----- 1223-co Do not test when it is cold
----- 1224-co Wait before restarting a compressor
----- 1225-co Slugging
----- 1226-co Condensing unit out of level
----- 1227-co Excess electric current draw beyond the Standards
----- 1228-co Missing electrical shut-off
----- 1229-co Scroll compressor
----- 1230-co Scroll versus standard compressor
Condenser Coil Outdoor Coil
----- 1231-co Water heater exhaust vent too close to condenser
----- 1232-co Dryer vent too close to condenser
----- 1233-co Water-cooled air conditioning - schematic of system
----- 1234-co Testing water-cooled air conditioners
----- 1235-co Missing backflow preventer
Evaporator Coil Indoor Coil
----- 1236-co A-coil
----- 1237-co Slab coil
----- 1238-co Attic evaporator coil
----- 1239-co Coil upstream of heat exchanger
----- 1240-co Evaporator coil - inspection procedures
----- 1241-co Thermostatic expansion valve
----- 1242-co Capillary tube defects
Condensate System
----- 1243-co Leaking condensate tray
----- 1244-co Attic evaporator coil
----- 1245-co Trap required in condensate line
----- 1246-co Condensate discharge locations
----- 1247-co Condensate pump
Refrigerant Lines
----- 1248-co Refrigerant lines
----- 1249-co Filter-dryer
----- 1250-co Sight glass
----- 1251-co Leaking refrigerant lines - vulnerable areas
Condenser Fan Outdoor Fan
----- 1252-co Condenser fan
----- 1253-co Condenser coil location requirements
Evaporator Fan Indoor Fan
----- 1254-co Evaporator fan
----- 1255-co Belt or pulley adjustment
Duct System
----- 1256-co General rule for duct work adequacy
----- 1257-co Flow of cooled air - older-style ductwork
----- 1258-co Flow of cooled air - modern ductwork
----- 1259-co High and low returns
----- 1260-co Testing cold air returns
----- 1261-co Ducts in concrete floor slabs
----- 1262-co Air return outside room
----- 1263-co Close humidifier damper in summer
----- 1264-co Vapor barriers and air conditioning ductwork
----- 1265-co Flexible ductwork
----- 1266-co Thermostat - bi-metallic mercury bulb
----- 1267-co Thermostat - bi-metallic snap action
----- 1268-co Poor location for thermostat
Life Expectancy
----- 1269-co Typical compressor life
Evaporative Coolers
----- 1270-co Three types of evaporative coolers
----- 1271-co Single-stage evaporative cooler
----- 1272-co Two-stage evaporative cooler
Whole House Fans
----- 1273-co Whole house fan
----- 1274-co Whole house fan - inadequate attic venting

Heat Pumps in Theory
----- 1275-co Heat pump principles
----- 1276-co Heat pump evaporator coil - grabbing heat from the outside air
----- 1277-co Heat pump condenser coil - giving off warm air to the inside
----- 1278-co Heat pump schematic - summer mode
----- 1279-co Co-efficient of performance COP and balance point
----- 1280-co Balance point
----- 1281-co All-electric heat pump system
----- 1282-co Water source heat pump - open loop system well-based
----- 1283-co Ground source heat pump - horizontal closed loop
Heat Pumps in Practice
----- 1284-co How much area can one ton cool
----- 1285-co Triple-split system heat pump
----- 1286-co Two expansion devices
----- 1287-co Defrost cycle
----- 1288-co Poor outdoor coil location
----- 1289-co Flow of cooled air - modern ductwork
----- 1290-co Testing back-up heat
----- 1291-co Water source heat pump - open loop system well-based
----- 1292-co Ground source heat pump - horizontal closed loop
----- 1293-co Ground source heat pump - vertical closed loop
----- 1294-co Bivalent schematic

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