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2024-co Cabinet Trim - Types
2026-co Cabinets - Loose

2024-co-2026-co Cabinets and Trim and Counters
0593-co Cable Support - Electrical
1947-co Cantilevered Concrete Retaining Wall
1861-co Cantilevered Decks
0331-co Cantilevered Joists
1862-co Canvas Duck for Exterior Decks

0967-co Cap for Chimney

0985-co ----- Drip Edge
0984-co ----- Improper Slope
1005-co Cap Missing for Metal Chimney
1742-co Cape Cod Style House
1242-co Capillary Tube Defects for Air Conditioning
0829-co Caps for Fill and Vent Pipes on Oil Storage Tanks
1839-co Carports and Garages
1714-co Casement Windows
1516-co Casings for Drilled Wells
0898-co Cast Iron Baseboard on Hot Water Heating Systems
1041-co Catalytic Combustors
1042-co Catalytic Wood Stove Bypass Damper

1905-co Catch Basins

1878-co ----- Drain Pipe Face Down

Cathedral and Flat Roofs

1381-co ----- Evidence of Insulation Added
1380-co ----- Insulating
1382-co ----- Two Insulation Strategies

1347-co Cathedral Roof Venting

1383-co ----- Channeled Vents versus Cross Ventilation


1336-co ----- Backer Rods
1337-co ----- Indoors or Out
1067-co Causes of Chimney Settling
0352-co Cavity Wall - Masonry

Cedar Shake

0024-co ----- Application
0025-co ----- Nailing Details

Cedar Shingle

0021-co ----- Application
0023-co ----- Application Spaced Plank Sheathing
0028-co ----- Application Synthetic Ventilation Layer
0022-co ----- Nailing Details - Roofing
1796-co ----- Nailing Details - Siding

Ceiling Joist

0427-co ----- Overlapped Splices
0428-co ----- Splices - Plywood
0357-co ----- with Walls that Extend Above

Cement Asbestos

0048-co ----- Roofing Shingles
1816-co ----- Siding
1523-co Centrifugal Pump for Well
0340-co Ceramic Tile Installation
2008-co Ceramic Tiles - Alternatives for Installing
1383-co Channeled Vents versus Cross Ventilation Roofs
0231-co Channels and Rods to Stabilize House Movement

0951-co Chimney

1000-co ----- 650 Degrees C
0959-co ----- and Fireplace Components - Masonry
1002-co ----- Bracing - Metal
0973-co ----- Bracket

0967-co ----- Cap

0116-co ----- ----- Details
0985-co ----- ----- Drip Edge
0984-co ----- ----- Improper Slope
1005-co ----- ----- Missing - Metal
0998-co ----- Class A
0962-co ----- Clay Tile Flue Liners
0965-co ----- Clearances

----- Connections for Wood and Oil Appliances

0994-co ----- ----- on Same Floor Level
0994-co ----- ----- on Same Flue
0986-co ----- Creosote Deposits
1080-co ----- Damper for Fireplace at Top
1707-co ----- Decorative

0968-co ----- Deterioration

0995-co ----- ----- Clay Chimney Liner ­- Masonry
1755-co ----- ----- due to Condensation
0956-co ----- ----- Extender

0065-co-0070-co ----- Flashings

0068-co ----- ----- Head Flashing Detail
0065-co ----- ----- Overview
0066-co ----- ----- Side Flashings Detail
0069-co ----- ----- Things to Look for
0964-co ----- ----- Flue Liners - Miter

0977-co-and-1007-co ----- Height

0978-co ----- ----- above Appliance
1371-co ----- Insulation too Close
0975-co ----- Leaning above Roof Line
0980-co ----- Liner Incomplete
1038-co ----- Liners for Fireplace Inserts
0957-co ----- Masonry

----- Metal
1010-co ----- ----- Adjacent Chimneys of Different Heights
1003-co ----- ----- Combustible Clearances
1008-co ----- ----- Excessive Offset from Vertical
1009-co ----- ----- Not Continuous through Roof
1006-co ----- ----- Rusting and-or Pitting
0999-co ----- ----- Triple Wall
0961-co ----- Lateral Support
0953-co ----- not a Supporting Structure
0963-co ----- Offsets
0983-co ----- Rain Caps on Spark Arresters
0969-co ----- Removing Abandoned
0067-co ----- Saddle Flashing

----- Settling

1067-co ----- ----- Causes
0970-co ----- ----- or Leaning
0966-co ----- Supporting Framing Members
0971-co ----- Tall Masonry
0960-co ----- Walls
0954-co ----- Warm is Best
0990-co ----- with Abandoned Flue Opening
0974-co ----- with Flue Divider Missing
0972-co ----- with Three Sides

----- with Vent Connector

0987-co ----- ----- Extending too far into
0988-co ----- ----- with Vent Connector Loose

Chimney-Vent Connection

1058-co ----- for Wood Stoves
0775-co ----- on Gas Furnaces


0508-co ----- Short
0507-co ----- Simple Electrical
0579-co Circuit Breaker Panels with Staggered Bus Bars
0890-co Circulating Pump on Hot Water Heating System
0998-co Class A Chimney
0373-co Clay Brick Expansion Causes Wall Cracks
1817-co Clay Shingles for Siding

Clay Tile

0040-co ----- Barrel Mission
0962-co ----- Flue Liners for Chimneys
0042-co ----- Interlocking Shingle
0075-co ----- Roof-Side Wall Flashings

0039-co-0044-co ----- Roofing
0041-co ----- S Type
0043-co ----- Securement
0039-co ----- Tapered Mission
0979-co Cleanout Door for Fireplace too Close to Combustibles


0965-co ----- for Chimneys
0538-co ----- for Electrical Panels
0846-co ----- for Exhaust Flues on Oil Furnaces
0516-co ----- for Service Drop Canada
0515-co ----- for Service Drop United States
1049-co ----- for Unlisted Wood Stoves
0773-co ----- for Vent Connectors and B-Vents
1050-co ----- for Vent Connectors for Wood Stoves

----- from Combustibles

1093-co ----- ----- for Combustion Air Duct for Fireplaces
1028-co ----- ----- for Ducts on Wood Furnaces
1160-co ----- ----- for Floor Furnaces
1162-co ----- ----- for Gas Fired Room Heaters
1168-co ----- ----- for Gas Fireplace
1003-co ----- ----- for Metal Chimneys
1075-co ----- ----- for Metal Firebox
1023-co ----- ----- for Vent Connector on Wood Furnace
1154-co ----- ----- for Wall Furnaces
1088-co ----- from Fireplace Opening

----- of Electric Wires

0517-co ----- ----- around Windows
1143-co ----- from Draperies for Electric Baseboard Heaters
0597-co ----- from Edge of Studs and Joists
0393-co ----- of Wood from Soil
0519-co ----- over Roofs
0979-co ----- Requirements for Fireplace Cleanouts from Combustibles
1063-co ----- Requirements from Combustibles for Wood Fireplaces
0059-co Cleats for Metal Valleys

Close Nipple Missing on Hartford Loop
1123-co in Steam Heating
0063-co Closed Cut Valleys
0880-co Closed Hot Water Heating System
0880-co Closed Hydronic System
0053-co Closed Roof Valleys
0064-co Closed Valley - Fully Woven
1077-co Coal Burning Fireplaces
1279-co Co-efficient of Performance for Heat Pumps
1288-co Coil Location Outdoors for Heat Pumps
0703-co Cold Floors in Homes

Cold Joints

0342-co ----- along Edge of Concrete Slabs
0271-co ----- in Poured Concrete
0271-co Cold Pours
1386-co Cold Wall Effect
1400-co Cold-Side Ducts not Insulated in HRV
0446-co Collar Ties
1727-co Colonial Revival Style
0506-co Color Coding for Typical 120-Volt Circuit

1722-co Column

0292-co ----- Buckling

0293-co-and-0308-co ----- Connections
0289-co ----- Crushing
1852-co ----- Hinge Point Porch
1866-co ----- Hinged Affect Roof Structure
1851-co ----- Materials - Exterior
0294-co ----- Rising Damp
0288-co ----- Settling
0291-co ----- Sizes

0287-co-0294-co ----- Structural
0287-co ----- Types

0821-co-and-0822-co Combination Furnaces
0822-co Combination Heating System with Tempering Valve
0821-co Combination-Furnace-Water Heater System
0867-co Combined Pressure Reducing Valve and Pressure Relief Valve on Boiler

Combustible Clearances
0965-co ----- for Chimneys
1160-co ----- for Floor Furnaces
0761-co ----- for Furnaces
1162-co ----- for Gas Fired Room Heaters
1168-co ----- for Gas Fireplace
1003-co ----- for Metal Chimneys
1074-co ----- for Metal Fireboxes
1049-co ----- for Unlisted Wood Stoves
1023-co ----- for Vent Connector on Wood Furnace
0773-co ----- for Vent Connectors and B-Vents
1154-co ----- for Wall Furnaces
1050-co ----- for Wood Stove Vent Connectors
1088-co ----- from Fireplace Opening

----- Requirements
0979-co ----- ----- for Chimney Cleanouts
1063-co ----- ----- for Wood Fireplaces

Combustible Insulation

1395-co ----- Exposed in Basements and Crawlspaces
1872-co ----- in Garages
1029-co Combustible Return Ducts for Wood Furnaces

Combustion Air

1016-co-and-1017-co ----- Damper Arrangement for Wood Furnaces
1093-co ----- Duct Clearances for Fireplaces
1091-co ----- Ducts for Fireplaces - Insulating

0732-co-0739-co ----- for Gas Appliances
0737-co ----- Openings in Furnace Room
0738-co ----- Supplies from Outside

1019-co-and-1020-co Combustion Chamber for Wood Furnace
1306-co Comfort Strategies - Two
0561-co Common Electrical Wire and Fuse Sizes
1761-co Common Mortar Joints
0529-co Common Wire Sizes
1014-co Components of Wood Furnaces
1035-co Components of Wood Stoves
1804-co Composite and Plywood Siding
1701-co Compound and Saltbox and Four Square Plans
1557-co Compression Fitting for Polybutylene Pipe
1541-co Compression Fitting on Copper Plumbing Pipe
0450-co Compression Web Bracing for Trusses


1223-co-1228-co ----- Air Conditioning
1204-co ----- Heating Up Freon Gas
1269-co ----- Life of Air Conditioners - Typical
1225-co ----- Slugging on Air Conditioning
1793-co Concealed Nails on Siding
0313-co Concentrated Loads in Structures


1940-co ----- and Asphalt Driveways
2080-co ----- Block Foundation Walls
0271-co ----- Cold Joints
2078-co ----- Flaws

----- Floor

2002-co ----- ----- Control Joints
2006-co ----- ----- Hollows
2005-co ----- ----- Problems
0342-co ----- ----- Slabs Cold Joints Along Edges
0341-co ----- ----- Slabs Pre-Stressed and Post-Tensioned
0796-co ----- ----- Slabs with Ducts
0272-co ----- Honeycombing

----- Retaining Wall

1947-co ----- ----- Cantilevered
1946-co ----- ----- System - Precast
1841-co ----- Steps - Exterior
0047-co ----- Tile Securement

0045-co-and-0046-co-and-0047-co ----- Tiles


1246-co ----- Discharge Location for Air Conditioning
1408-co ----- Drain Trap for HRV
1210-co ----- from Air Conditioning - Discharging
1244-co ----- Line from Attic Evaporator Coil
1245-co ----- Line Requires Trap in Air Conditioning
1247-co ----- Pump for Air Conditioning
1111-co ----- Pump for Steam Heat
1110-co ----- Pump for Steam Heat - Location

1243-co-1247-co ----- System for Air Conditioning
1243-co ----- Tray for Air Conditioning Leaking


1755-co ----- Damage to Chimney
0807-co ----- in High Efficiency Furnaces
1747-co ----- in Walls

Condenser - Air Conditioning

----- Coil

1205-co ----- ----- Exhausting Hot Air Outside

1231-co-1233-co ----- ----- for Air Conditioning
1277-co ----- ----- for Heat Pump
1253-co ----- ----- Location for Air Conditioning

1253-co ----- Fan

1226-co ----- ----- Out of Level
1232-co ----- ----- Dryer Vent too Close
1231-co ----- ----- Water Heater Exhaust Fan too Close

1212-co ----- Inspecting

0806-co-0819-co Condensing Gas Furnaces
1305-co Conductance - Thermal
1304-co Conductivity - Thermal
0589-co Conductors - Number of Electrical
0119-co Cone-Style Plumbing Stack Flashing
1921-co Connecting Downspout Sections
0309-co Connections - Joist to Beam
0382-co Connections - Metal Ties for Single Top Plates in Bearing Walls
0591-co Connections - Types of Electrical
0603-co Connections of Electrical Knob and Tube Wiring
1001-co Connections of Metal Vent Pieces
0708-co Containment of Fire
0747-co Continuous Pilot Light for Gas Burner
0299-co Continuous versus Simply Spanned Beams

Control Joints

2002-co ----- and Concrete Floors
0217-co ----- in Foundation Walls
2086-co Control Surface Water to Keep Basement Dry
1325-co Controlling House Moisture in Hot Climates
0850-co Convection Heating with Hot Water Radiators

1307-co Convective Loop

1327-co ----- and Insulation Voids
1039-co Convective Wood Stoves
0896-co Convectors on Hot Water Heating System
0889-co Conventional Expansion Tank On Hot Water Heating System
0702-co Cool Spots in Homes


1544-co ----- Pipe Hangers - Plumbing
1538-co ----- Supply Plumbing Pipe
0856-co ----- Tube Heat Exchangers in Boilers
0375-co Corbelling
1407-co Core Missing or Dirty on HRV
1722-co Corinthian Column
1709-co Cornice Terms

Counter Flashing

0111-co ----- Alternative Attachment Method
0106-co ----- Two-piece
2025-co Counter Problems

2024-co-2027-co Counters and Trim and Cabinets
0623-co Countertops or Floors with Electrical Outlets
1340-co Cover Crawlspace Floor
0895-co Covering Radiators on Heating Systems Reduces Efficiency
0759-co Covers for Furnaces
1893-co Covers or Roofs for Exterior Basement Stairwells
0227-co Crack Shapes
0225-co Crack Size Analysis of Buildings
0046-co Cracked Concrete Tiles
0330-co Cracked Joists - Causes


0237-co ----- Common Locations
0255-co ----- Foundation due to Driveways
0418-co ----- in Masonry Arches due to Lateral Thrust
0362-co ----- in Walls - Planes of Movement
1951-co ----- Retaining Walls
1771-co ----- Stucco


0373-co ----- due to Clay Brick Expansion
0256-co ----- Foundation and Tree Roots
0247-co ----- Horizontal in Foundations
0249-co ----- Horizontal Movement - Three possibilities
2072-co ----- in Basement
0257-co ----- in Foundation due to Backfill
1900-co ----- in Foundations - Repair Methods
0368-co ----- in Walls - Lintel Related
0361-co ----- in Walls - Types
0362-co ----- in Walls caused by Surfaces Sliding
0236-co ----- Rotational Settlement
0253-co ----- Vertical Foundation
0038-co Cradle Repairs for Slate Roofs
1737-co Craftsman Style Homes


1340-co ----- Cover Floor
1391-co ----- Insulation
1392-co ----- Insulation - Clues

2074-co-2089-co ----- Wet
0986-co Creosote Deposits in Chimneys
0067-co Cricket Flashings on Chimneys
1556-co Crimp Fitting for Polybutylene Pipe
1545-co Cross Connections and Plumbing
1383-co Cross Ventilation versus Channeled Vents for Cathedral Roof Venting
0743-co Crossover Igniters
0318-co Crown up on Joists
0606-co CUAl Designation for Aluminum Wiring
0029-co Cupping Wood Shingles
0080-co Curb Mount Skylight in Sloped Roof
0108-co Curbed Edge on Built-up Roof Membrane
0081-co Curbless Skylight in Sloped Roof
0029-co Curling Wood Shingles

0504-co-and-1132-co Current Flow Equals Amperage
2029-co Curved Stair Treads
0224-co Cut and Fill Excavation Causing Settlement
1798-co Cut Back Bottom of Wood Siding

Cutting the Points

0014-co ----- on Asphalt Shingles
0062-co ----- on Valley Flashings

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